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  • oh okay. I just thought it would be easier so things can be scheduled and stuff easier instead of emailing everyone and forcing everyone to join here.
    nothing much. Hey want to make a chatzy so we can discuss some things about the battling association? (that way its not just people from bulbapedia and we can get more and have more fun)
    Hey i am figuring out more on what to do with the drafting and what not for the Battling Association. (stay tuned for my blogs if you want to know more)
    I could be wrong, but I've asked more than one person to trade me Lati@site with no luck. Friends or not I've not got my hands on them yet.
    This is my second apology for being so blunt. I didn't realize how harsh I sounded until I read the post back to myself.

    All Gen VI event legends are shiny locked so far. That will probably remain the case through OR/AS events.
    With the introduction of Fairy-types and Mega Evolutions, I am pretty sure that the meta game may have changed in some shape or form. What I meant earlier is that Super Training didn't exist back in gen.5, and because it seems that Super Training helped the casuals get into the competitive aspects of the game, I thought that hurt the casuals appeal that then (not to mention that loses were recorded when you battle with strangers, which is a feature I don't think the casuals really like). I am not really into the whole tier thing, since I don't like going around saying "[blank] sucks! There's no reason to use it over [blank] if you want to win!]" I feel that players should use whatever they want, rather than being "forced" to choose based on tiers. I'm not saying that I don't believe in tiers, but I don't think it should influence people on what Pokemon they want to use.
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