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Recent content by Disco Kactus

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    your welcome haha.

    your welcome haha.
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    Ugliest Pokemon?

    keldeo got stolen from my little ponys new line of toys, genesect from tranformers, and the genies from ugly moustace, afro combo magazine. those five legends bug me. also probopass is a freak...i dont like it. nosepass is boss tho. and dunsparce is adorable idk what you are talking about. also...
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    I just bought Black a week ago.

    no its not weird...mostly. i totally crush on lyra and may. ther cute. haaha. and ya black is fun(whites better tho >:3)
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    Pokémon Remake Discussion (Read First Post!)

    Re: What I'd like to see in the rest of Gen V actually i love remakes. haha fire red/heartgold ect were some of my favorites. and ruby/sap/emerald are my favorite games (storyline wise, jhoto/unova has my favorite pokemon)
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    Theorymonning: What if this Pokemon had...?

    that would be rediculous. and victini needed contrary. v-create boosts your stats >:D unfreakin stoppable
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    EEEYYYEEE SEEE YOOOOUUUUU! hey. consider urself befriended >:3

    EEEYYYEEE SEEE YOOOOUUUUU! hey. consider urself befriended >:3
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    hi people im kinda new lol

    Haha hey gohan. love that show. anyways u want befriending, then it shall be done! haha
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    thats creepy....lol we are so alike its insane...same exact age too :P nice. im also new(ish) i made an account but forgot about it after an hour. haha. so just coming back. anyways welcome!
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    Most memorable video game song?

    final fantasy 4's four fiends of the elements...epic. as well as ruby/sappire dive music, espicially remixed :D haha
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    12 real gym leaders

    Ya that would work...or like...ya i dunno. i would like to sub tho, maybe people could request to go on like a vacation and i could fill in?
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    12 real gym leaders

    I would be very interested in being a normal type gym leader or if there already is one then phycic(if there isnt one and any slots are open) i havent read through all the pages so i wouldnt no :3 anyway...ya. lol
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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    Delcatty(male)- Drag Queen Voltorb- Pokeball?! Gulpin- MileyCyrus (in 5 years she will be a gulpin >_>) Buneary(female) Bunni(creative i know) Gardevoir(female)- Mah Bitch ( no explenation needed >:3) Whismur(....Male)- Bubblez(now an exploud so its funny) Wigglytuff- Jell-o Bidoof- Sex Slave...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    my sister's black version had no save file when she turned it on my sis turned on her black version and there was only new game and the other things as options. not only that but when u try and make a new game it freezes on proffeser juniper popping up:bawl: it would have to be put in and...
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    Gen V Disapointment

    pokemon have to many preevos. i could c many pokemon b 2 part evolutions: vaniluxe, gothitelle, reuniclus, klink, ect it dosent seem like much but that allows for 2+ more pokemon lines. and so many pokemon needed preevos: alomomola, cryogenal, heatmore, durant(actually an evo), audino. i just...
  15. D

    You Know You're a Big Pokémon Fan When...

    when you teach your younger siblings to love it. when you spend countless hours for a shiny when you desperately wished they existedD: