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  • Waiting for a plotline building over 13 years =/= upset about an egg going to a different character over the course of 3-4 episodes.

    There are worse things the writers had done with the groups Pokemon. Releasing Ambipom to play ping pong for example.
    Are you being serious about that stupid egg in BW? Seriously, your posts are reminding me of Weedle's about Misty.

    It's a cartoon. What Ash gets or doesn't get makes no difference.
    Hi, just wanted to ask something, the TV Tokyo channel on KeyHole TV is now working in your computer? It seems like the whole program is not working.
    I suppose the irritating is that the whole saga made Dawn, and Ash out to be equals. Then comes their leagues, and they let Dawn reach the finals on her first try, and screw Ash over by putting a legendary against him in the semi's. Would it have been that hard just to let Ash battle this guy in the finals? I swear it's like the writers want to make it seem like the League is much harder than the Grand festival.
    Does it feel like they are screwing Ash over in this league, and favoring Dawn in terms of each of their positions in their respective tournaments?

    I mean Ash is using reserves, and still doesn't seem to get to the Top 2 after 13 years. Yet, Dawn and Jessie get to it after only 4 years? Do the writers realize what they are doing?
    In case any of you will wonder, I won't be on the internet for a few days (Friday, most likely), because I'm helping out my Grandma while my Grandpa goes to Montana for a day (it's a 12 hour long drive, so, yeah that explains why it probably won't be until Friday I come back).

    So I'm hoping I don't miss too much (even though I'll miss the Pokemon Episode coming up), so no new Pokemon, I hope, I'll be fine with full Sugimori art though, if anything new has to be revealed by the 2nd.
    Darkrai huh? I think I'm officially looking forward to that battle now a tad more than the Paul battle. Something tells me it's going to trump every single battle Ash has had in the 650+ eps he's been around. Damn you hype..
    Nando's battle looks great. Something is strange about Heracross , dunno what. It's shiny as hell. Though I swear, if the Heatran trainer is actually the trainer that uses a Legendary Pokemon...I can't really see Ash losing to him.

    Hell, if they don't introduce a League only rival at least by DP 185, I can't really see Ash losing the league in general. But, I have a feeling he'll get Top 4 or something.
    The MGS game for the 3DS is just, a remake of sorts of Snake Eater Right? Well that's good because I never got around to playing that game. Resident Evil looked nice too. The trailer with Reggie, Iwata, and Miyamoto was so hilariously lame. I think I lol'ed when Reggie walked onto the screen and gave that silly look. I really wonder how the next gen of Pokemon games is gonna work? Maybe it'll be similar graphic wise to the Pokemon Colosseum game, but keep all the same elements..i.e Gym battles, random trainer battles, Team rocket, etc?
    The 3DS was pretty awesome actually. Can't wait to my Kid Icarus, OoT remake, and the 64 remake. Golden Sun DS actually looks pretty awesome too. Nintendo really stole the show this E3, as Microsoft and Sony were pretty lackluster. I'm not sure how I feel about LoZ: Skyward Sword though.

    I think the thing that bugs me about the battle is why the writers would allow Ash to lose this late in the saga. I mean Dawn didn't battle any of Ash's rivals before her GF...so why Ash? I'm not taking anything away from Kenny as his Empoleon is strong, but was it really a necessary move to make Ash suddenly change his battle style, and try a new one for the sake of someones redemption?
    Haha looking back at our conversation, I'm surprised I had more of a reaction than you did considering Ash's loss. I mean yeah, he was up against Kenny's strongest Pokemon, with one of his weaker and rying a totally different battle style. But really, I'm wondering what the writers were thinking with the episode. It also makes me wonder why the writers always make Ash fight the females rivals, and come up with excuses for him to lose. Like Zoey, time ran out and Kenny....Ash was doing something new. Wouldn't it be better if he just didn't battle them. The Drew battle was the only one that really made any sense.
    Yay Quilava for Ash!!! :) How's life, and also why are you so disappointed in Gible, weren't you its #1 fan a while back?

    Also, I think Corphish being there instead of Kingler is bullshit. LOL
    Really now? No spoiler tags, well that kind of defeats the purpose of making signatures look decent and non distracting.

    Oh well this is why I didn't have a signature in the first place, since you know aside from rules most are distracting.

    Well now I don't have a signature again.
    I was indeed being sarcastic in that post.
    (You need to update your sig to Tsutarja.)
    oh no. I actually was going to ignore it, but decided to play fair because I had already issued a warning to Wigglytuff.
    Ah interesting. I'm super excited to see Ash's reserves soon. I need you to do me a favor. Since I will be gone for the summer, cause I'm going to camp, I want you to enjoy your summer and the League episodes. I'll have to catch them all, when I come back, which is good, cause I'll have multiple to watch, and I seriously hope Ash is kicking some major ass!!! :)

    Which reserves do you want to see really badly?
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