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  • Haha, I saw your post in the Meowth thread. I have a feeling I might go on a rant If Ash loses Kenny to talk about how terrible the writing was... and I'm quite indifferent to Ash overall. I'm sure you'll be peeved if Ash loses to Kenny because you're an Ash fan from what I've seen lol.
    Hey Dman, are you excited about Ash vs Kenny and Ash vs Volkner, and how have you been? Also, how do you feel about Dawn's Grand Festival loss?
    Oh that's cool. So, I guess you'll watch forever, huh. Me too.

    Would you still watch if they ever replaced Ash. Did you ever like Jimmy or Marina?

    Also, do you think that battles are the highlight of this show?
    I see. I love Ash too. If he were to lose, as long as he gave it his best, then you can't be mad at Ash.

    I feel like I'm with Dawn at times like you with Ash, even though I'm a guy.


    Who is your fav girl, like are you a Misty fan?
    Top 4 or runners up at least would be good. You must be the most devoted Ash fan there is, but do you like any other characters?

    Do you like contests, and how do you feel when Ash gets a loss. Just curious.
    I've only begun watching the Pokemon anime again fairly recently. Before that, I've only seen episodes that were dubbed in Dutch, so I had no idea about Gary's English voice sounding like that.
    I know it says so, but in the series it is never explicitly said. But yeah, he's to genie-ish to be a human. Although an alien he definitely is not.
    If it were Eric Stuart I'd have made an account just to argue with him about Gay!James xD It would be awesome to talk to some of the VAs/other staff of Pokemon. After all, how can you not love something you've worked with for a long time (it's a few years now even for the new VAs).
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