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  • We missed you on November 23rd...I imagne it's nice for you to see a familiar face, though.
    Also, if you get a chance, please take a look at the flavor text from the mafia game Flop and I hosted. It was called Masters of the Whoniverse, and I found it quite amusing.
    AmazingAmy and Leggo show up in the RM thread relatively frequently. I've never heard of the other two.
    Would they be willing to theme classic Doctors?
    So far we've got:

    Rainbow Cloud: 4th Doctor
    Archmage Dragelsnart: 5th Doctor
    Flop: 10th Doctor
    Yourself: 11th Doctor
    ME: I'm willing to theme 9th or 12th.

    Would any of the people in your convos frequent the RM thread in F&G?
    It's been a little while since you last logged on, but I'm hopeful you receive this message.
    Rainbow Cloud, Flopjack, and myself are planning on having 13 BMGf users theme the 13 Doctors and invade the Random Messages thread in F&G at the same time.
    Since you already theme 11, I figured we could reach out to you.
    So far, RC is theming 4, Flop is theming 10, and I will theme either 9 or 12 (prefer 9).

    Would you be willing to join us, and do you know anyone Who might be interested in theming the Classic Doctors?
    It's odd. Usually Mark Gatiss salvages Moffat's awful writing, but...
    At least he didn't give in to his ego by appearing in the episode.
    ...the promised land woman...
    Is it me or does she look like Tardis lady?
    Also, the last episode would've been a lot better if she'd wanted to meet merlin...
    I personally thought it was great! I loved the references to The Girl in the Fireplace and the Victorian London Trio is just as complicated as I remember. Capaldi will be a very interesting Doctor by the looks of it, and the strange woman in the "Promised Land" is creeping me out. She's just too happy! I am very excited to see what adventures are in store for The Doctor and Clara, as well as seeing an old villain return this Saturday!
    Hi there! Just a random question. I saw you like Doctor Who, so have you seen "Deep Breath" yet? If so, what did you think?

    PS: I saw Matt Smith at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago!
    Hey, have you ever been to Adventures with the Wife in Space? Funniest Doctor Who reviews site I've ever been to.

    Christmas was so confusing and sad.
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