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Recent content by DoctorWhy

  1. DoctorWhy

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    Yeah. And they don't right now either. I honestly don't think they intend to necessarily stop that from happening, especially because it's already the case until further notice.
  2. DoctorWhy

    What Gen 8 Pokemon Won the Biggest Piece of your Heart?

    My favorite this gen overall is probably Snom/Frosmoth. Though I also really like Toxtricity and Cufant.
  3. DoctorWhy

    Regarding Bottle Caps

    Best bet is gonna be Battle Tower and sometimes raids. The skilled digging brother can dig them up but the chances are incredibly low.
  4. DoctorWhy

    3rd Version/Sequels?

    I would love a full fledged sequel like B2W2. I feel like they set it up pretty well, especially with the talk of minor league gyms and the like, as well as some good character progression for the rivals that could be continued in a sequel.
  5. DoctorWhy

    Waiter, there's a ______ in my soup

    Sir, it's merely a coincidence, as you are having the alphabet soup. Waiter, there's cyanide in my soup.
  6. DoctorWhy

    SwSh Team-crafting Thread

    After today's trailer, I'm absolutely going to have an Obstagoon on my team. Zigzagoon is an old favorite of mine and I'm hyped. Still leaning towards Sobble as my starter. Also interested in Rolycoly, Yamper, and Corviknight.
  7. DoctorWhy

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    The Lite cannot be docked at all - the hardware simply doesn't have HDMI conversion nor a dock port.
  8. DoctorWhy

    SwSh Team-crafting Thread

    Definitely picking Sobble. Everything else depends on evolutions really. I do like Yamper and Corviknight though, especially. Considering a couple old favorites like Togekiss, Butterfree, and Tyranitar but I'll probably stick mostly to brand new mons.
  9. DoctorWhy

    Spoilers Regional Dex Discussion

    XY had a significant number of Gen 3 Pokemon one year prior to ORAS. And we've already seen quite a few Gen 4 mons - Lucario, Hippowdon, Abomasnow, Vespiquen, Rotom, Rhyperior, Glaceon, Leafeon, Munchlax, Togekiss, Weavile, Mantyke, Gallade, Roserade, Dusknoir, Frosslass, Drifblim, Bronzong. So...
  10. DoctorWhy

    What is your favorite and least favorite starter Pokemon

    Favorite Water: Mudkip Least favorite Water: Popplio Favorite Grass: probably Rowlet Least favorite Grass: Chikorita Favorite Fire: Chimchar maybe Least favorite Fire: Fennekin I guess
  11. DoctorWhy

    Which Gen do you think was the absol-lute best?

    It's hard to say, really. I think Gen V is probably the best overall, but I also have really soft spots for Gen III and IV. IV started out rough, but I'd say HGSS is maybe the best game in the series. III lacked some of the quality of life changes brought later but it was really enjoyable...
  12. DoctorWhy

    Spoilers Regional Dex Discussion

    However it is technically possible that some evolutions could change due to regional variants and that some old mons might not return as they were previously known but with a new form. I hope at least.
  13. DoctorWhy

    What was the last thing you did before you went on the computer just now?

    Just got out of my statistics class and sat down in my computer science class. Waiting for class to start.
  14. DoctorWhy

    Starters Discussion

    Def fake. Looks like the same artist as the most popular fakes last gen.