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Recent content by donavannj

  1. donavannj

    Help with card/Rare Card.

    Hate to break it to you, but people do 100% fake Trainer cards. And this is 100% fake/counterfeit. The immediate tell for me is the font that "Yanyan" is in is completely incorrect. The font used has too much spacing between letters compared to the spacing on legitimate cards of the era. Another...
  2. donavannj

    DarthWolf's TCG Dex

    While you'll probably want to keep it (I know I would), you could flip that Charizard for a good sum of money right now on eBay as it's a big part of the reason Hidden Fates has been so hard to find less than a week after its release date. The cheapest it's gone for on eBay that I can find is $250.
  3. donavannj

    HELP - Decidueye GX misprint

    But noticeably less textured than from past sets, and it's what threw me off when I pulled my first one from Unbroken Bonds, in a "Wait, aren't these supposed to be way more textured than this?" way. Team Up's were substantially more textured than everything I've pulled in UNB or seen from UNM.
  4. donavannj

    HELP - Decidueye GX misprint

    Not as true now re: the wavy surface. They got rid of most of the physical texturing for rainbows and secrets as of Unbroken Bonds.
  5. donavannj

    TCG TCG & Collectibles General Chat Thread

    There's some higher capacity Pokemon brand ones out there. Have you checked at a local game store near you recently? One of my locals is where I found an Ultra Ball themed one ($30 or so, iirc) in the last year. Not crazy good, but solid enough that you can build a deck featuring it. It won't...
  6. donavannj

    Just come back to the TCG ... why is Poison part of Psychic?

    It was for game balance because Grass was getting super crowded with Pokemon relative to other types aside from maybe Water, while Psychic was comparatively thin for Pokemon in the Pokemon TCG at the time. IIRC that's the only reason.
  7. donavannj

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Dragon Ball episode 131 was the last thing I watched for anime.
  8. donavannj

    Favorite part of your collection?

    Mine would probably be my Meloetta keychains, my Meloetta plush (at least, I'm pretty sure I have one), and my Meloetta EX cards all fairly equally. Meloetta was my most recent addition to my favorite Pokemon list and is positively adorable, but I don't have any memories attached to these items.
  9. donavannj

    Exeggutor 24/123 card misprint?

    This is a counterfeit card, unfortunately. There are several tells on that, like the energy symbols and the fonts, as well as the Chikorita image in the evolution bit.
  10. donavannj

    How to Spot A Bootleg

    How do the colors look? It's possible they're official plushes that were modified to have suction cup hangers, but to my (admittedly fairly limited knowledge) there haven't been any official Pokemon plushes that have suction cup hangers attached to them from the factory.
  11. donavannj

    2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russia

    That doesn't explain the better but still poor accommodations for the athletes themselves.
  12. donavannj

    2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russia

    So far I haven't really been following any ceremony events, but I've recently been hearing quite a bit on the radio as well as reading from American news sites just how not-modern and poorly maintained the hotels in and around Sochi seem to be, mostly from American and Canadian journalists and...
  13. donavannj

    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    Super Sexy Man Week sounds like a week where they are many more shirtless men as avatars than necessary with bodies that make me feel inferior. (b'-')b
  14. donavannj

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    I finished up Durarara!! last night, watching episodes 23 and 24, then started watching Dragon Ball GT.
  15. donavannj

    ^ The One Above [v2]

    ^ Has an avatar that disturbs me a slight bit.