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  • Great seeing another Evangelion fan on this forum. :) So what are you favorite characters from the Evangelion franchise?
    Exactly. Although as you can see, I log in once a few months.
    Thanks a lot. How's life?
    Ninjutsu and Taijutsu are the only techniques from Naruto that are real, though in real life, we can't really Generate Electricity, Manipulate Water or Control Sand. though that would be cool!

    It's always good to find a sensei that has either been born from an eastern country ar at least trained there. that's how people know the person knows MArtial arts.
    Yeah. there is Kenjutsu = Sword technique, Taijutsu = Unarmed technique, Sōjutsu = Spear technique and a bunch of others

    My Sensei is from Japan. and he did nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe Martial Arts. he was also REALLY tough on me, but it did help me. MAybe sometime in the future, I'll go back and train some more...
    Actually, I'm not a Gracie. (though that would be cool). I'm a full bore mexican. Second, I didn't really study Brazilian Jujitsu, it was actually The Japanese Martial Arts of Jujitsu. I understand you were confused because nowadays, Brazilian Jujitsu is more famous because it's the Martial Arts that MMA fighters learn. Although Brazilian Jujitsu was derived from Japanese Jujitsu, the styles of fighting are mostly different. Jujitsu uses pins, joint locks, and throws to defeat an opponent. Like using their strength against them. There is striking in it, sometimes weapons, and just locks and stuff. BJJ is mainly just grappling, hardly any striking, although there are a few strikes. Mainly its used for grappling, a lot of chokes and joint locks. I was really young when I began studying martial arts. It was at 7 when I began taking Karate classes. Normally, parents encourage their kids to take Karate classes but in my case, I encouraged them to let me. If you go back to my post and look at the second bullet, that was my reason. My older brother was the one that said it was a good idea as well. because of that reason, I was really motivated. I wanted to learn as much as I can. I know it's hard to believe. I hear that a lot.

    As for the other Martial Arts I learned, some of them weren't really that useful but I still wanted to learn. Ninjutsu is what ninjas learn. I'm not a ninja though, don't get me wrong. The style I learned is more modernized. Bojutsu is a martial art with a bo staff, but you won't see me carrying a 5'9" long stick around. Aikido, which is the one I like to use the most, is pretty much reading the attacker's next move and redirecting the force of his attack instead of just blocking it. The thing about Aikido is that the user doesn't really need to be strong, yet when someone throws a punch at me, I can dodge, block, and flip the attacker like nothing.
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