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  • Thank you for telling me this. However, I'm done with my Normal-type Reviews and am now submitting articles one-by-one, so in terms of that one, no help is needed.
    Hey Mako! hope you're not getting involved with anymore of the Avatar's schemes.... you can't compromise your role as detective! :3
    I know, but it turns out my locks on names expired when I got de-modded for like two months (and I didn't realize it)

    And I do like Varrick soooooo
    Aye a little while ago, taken over as head of Ent inc too which is cool. Thanks!
    Heh. Now we can't really be sure about that given I owned the name for the show's entire run :p
    I thought there was a lockout on mod names... then again I haven't had the name Mako in two years.

    You suck, you know that?
    Could you contribute your opinions now? Each opinions should be about 3 - 5 sentences like a paragraph (each).
    Alright, I understand. Please do remember about it. If you don't, I'll remind you. When will your sabbatical end?
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