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  • Could you do for both families? Each family should preferably have one paragraph's worth of content, so that's about 3 - 5 sentences each.
    Do you have any preference? If your preference isn't completed yet, I'll assign it to you. If it is, then you may have to wait a while for when I have less left that I need.
    Would you like to contribute an opinion to a Normal-type Pokemon family (Lickitung family, Glameow family, Fletchling, Ditto, etc.)? It's for my Normal-type reviews, and one feature I will include is to request some users for their opinions to include.
    lol I don't have a witty Ezio gif as a reply here.

    But yes, victory is yours.
    I suppose that works. I'll have to rematch Ivysaur in that case.
    Though... in that case, shouldn't your suicide not count? ._. Think that skews the score a bit.
    was it supposed to be on time? If not I wouldn't be opposed to doing a stock one too. gg tho, I confess I forgot arts existed until like a minute in
    Done. I will be online in like 10. after I finish doing somefin. Is this 2/3 or what, I forget.
    oh, you are apparently still destined to be the first to lose to me. My internet is back up, and I should be here for the rest of the day
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