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Recent content by Dorothy

  1. Dorothy

    What version do you plan on getting?

    Torn atm. I love Violet's legendary but as a lesbian I also like sexy cavewomen and the Violet professor looks like he's a Vox voter who wants to sell me an NFT.
  2. Dorothy

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Still no region name huh? That's weird.
  3. Dorothy

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    It's goin down oh shiiiiiit
  4. Dorothy

    TEEN: Lone Star Shine Down

    Sorry for the long hiatus, work's been a nightmare. Hoping to start writing again next week due to the long weekend.
  5. Dorothy

    What’s it like having the dlc’s?

    I actually still haven't finished Crown Tundra. The DLCs I guess were disappointing to me... not enough of the kind of meat I like in a Pokemon game to keep me coming back, although it really all comes down to your preferred play style.
  6. Dorothy

    What DON'T You Want To See In Gen IX?

    Fairy is my favorite element
  7. Dorothy

    Evil Team Discussion/Speculation

    Semantics. Functionally, they are an evil team.
  8. Dorothy

    Leaks and/or Rumours Thread

    Coalossal does have elements of a train in its design. Its snout is a cow catcher!
  9. Dorothy

    Leaks and/or Rumours Thread

    That leak is probably fake.
  10. Dorothy

    Leaks and/or Rumours Thread

    Based on what evidence?
  11. Dorothy

    MATURE: Nori Carino: Official In-Training [COMPLETE!!]

    Still am, as much as a full-time job as an overburdened legal professional allows me...
  12. Dorothy

    Leaks and/or Rumours Thread

  13. Dorothy

    Features from past games you want to return

    They've tried it in 3D three times now, and it's only worked once. I'd rather let the feature have a dignified death at this point.
  14. Dorothy

    Features from past games you want to return

    Well first of all I'd say going through that setup definitely counts as "earning" a capture, and second of all if you wanna do it the old way you still can just by throwing a Pokemon at what you want to catch.
  15. Dorothy

    Leaks and/or Rumours Thread

    Did it? They were giving out Z-moves like candy late in Gen 7, lol.