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  • Well, I haven't done much art lately, and most of what I do is of characters I've created...

    But yeah, I'll try the recorder out if I get a chance to.
    Well, I could try that out, but I'm not sure if my computer is strong enough to support a screen recorder....

    I could try screenshots but that wouldn't be very good for a video....
    Done, though if there isn't any new posts in two weeks, it'll close again automatically. There is little point in taking requests by PM instead of regular posting, so you need to make sure it will be kept active in some way or another; I won't open it again just because it was unused.
    Thats no problem man i understand, and i thank you for the offer i'll send a pm on that later. I understand the college work. I just wrapped up undergrad studies and am swamped myself with work, if it werent for the storm i'm sure i would be the one causing a delay. Don't worry, I highly appreciate your sincerity. Let me know what time works best for you and i will promptly respond.
    If it works for you I'm free tomorrow at 7pm eastern time if not let me know what works for you. Thanks again! Oh and PM me your FC.
    Hi! How are you?

    I saw you can Pokegen. Can you Pokegen some Pokemon within today? I have alot of Shiny Pokemon (Their caught using an AR, though.) and I thought you would like some of them in exchange.
    I'm not sure if there is a specific time when the mods check the shop subforum. I believe we would VM or PM you if it was rejected.

    Anyway, looking over your post, it looks like something that's more suited for the Dubious Disc subforum. If you want, I can move your thread over there. Or you could just repost it over there and I'll delete the old thread.
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