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  • I agree, Satoshi should be special because of his actions and ideals, not because of "destiny". Part of the reason why I hated that "chosen one" crap in the dub of the second movie. He's a hero because he chooses to be, not because of some prophecy. I think any trainer could have special attention from magnificent Pokemon like Houou as long as they have the right heart and mind.

    I'm planning on starting things up right when I get a tablet. Though I want to draw as many characters to let my hand memorize their designs.

    Cardcaptor Sakura, the Japanese one, remains one of mt most favorite anime today. CCS is actually sort of my inspiration in making the DPPt arc shoujo-ish. Tsubasa is an AU crossover of all the mangaka group's work, but it's actually not an AU, it's part of the same multiverse. The Sakura from CCS makes a significant cameo appearance in the Tsubasa manga (and I loved it!).

    I'mtyping up the first chapter script as we speak. I'll PM it to you later today. :p
    I think, despite their lame attempts at changing the show, 4Kids didn't do much of a good job hiding the Japanese culture in the Kanto saga. xD In the dub, that nickel James found during what was clearly a Japanese Obon Festival was out-of-place. And those jelly-filled donuts? I knew they were riceballs as a kid. America is one of the largest modern rice-producing countries after all. Kids aren't stupid. And the bill at the restaurant in Brock's debut episode was ridiculous because they only changed the yen symbol to a dollar symbol and didn't do the proper conversation. It was undoubtedly a 90's anime, one of the things that added to the charm, and I think it was foolish to try to hide it.

    I really wish Pokemon still had as much Japanese culture in it as it did in the Kanto saga. People say it doesn't matter, but I think it does. It makes the universe very atmospheric - the current Pokemon anime lacks a culture, in my opinion - and since the regions are based on real locations, why not? I also feel that Isshu should have felt more like New York City in the anime. In my canon, characters like Mei are like the Asian Americans of the Pokemon world, and Isshu is depicted to be of a different nation from "Nippon" (the nation Kanto, Jouto, Houenn, and Shin'ou are apart of in my canon). I might even make allusions to Orre (I feel like the sidegames are somewhat neglected - I for one feel that they present interesting concepts).
    Ah, I *was* introduced to Japanese culture through anime (Cardcaptor Sakura is most guilty of this), though there were other factors as well. Look up the Sega game Shenmue (a very fantastic Dreamcast game), that got me invested into Japanese lifestyles as much as anime did. As for my own culture, I admit that I'm not as knowledgeable, being Americanized. While a lot of Vietnamese culture is a melting pot of Chinese and French cultures, the unique things like their cuisine and strong family unit are some of the things I'm proud about. A country that stresses strong family values even in poverty is something people should take pride in. And as much as I love sushi, I'll always love pho better, haha.
    Yeah, that's basically it. xD I think it's an amusing way to show how much Mewtwo's heart has softened since Strikes Back. Using the crossovers, I really want to take advantage of the various possibilities of characters like N interacting with characters like Mewtwo. I don't feel that Mewtwo's story has quite ended yet, the story about his newfound compassion for all living creatures is something I feel needs to be revisited - not only will it make the new forms all the more meaningful, but it will further stress the bonds people and Pokemon have with each other.

    Yeah, it does sound like Dragon Ball, huh? I think concepts like Hadou and N's ability to understand Pokemon feelings on a deeper level, reflects concepts found in various shounen manga like DB and YGO. In particular, the idea of establishing that you know your opponent's heart through battle (forming somewhat of an unbreakable bond with them, the true concept of "nakama" in boys anime/manga), is something I believe sums up Pokemon battles in various canons and one of the reasons why I think Pokemon was better as a family show than a kodomo. After battle, trainers become friends. And trainers strengthen their bond with their Pokemon from the same battle. I think this was alluded to a bit in the third movie, where Mi stops Entei from killing Satoshi's Lizardon.
    Haha, I could think of a scenario involving N and Mewtwo right now...

    N: Hm...? A Friend I've never seen before.
    Satoshi: His name is...
    Mewtwo: (cuts in) I am Mewtwo.
    N: Telepathy...?
    Mewtwo: ...
    N: Mew... "two", huh? Well, I can feel it... you've been through a lot of hardship and your heart has gone to many places. You still have some questions left unanswered.
    Mewtwo: (This person...)
    N: But you've made a lot of close friends in your travels. Yes, I can feel it, you and this boy are very good friends.
    Mewtwo: ...!
    Satoshi: ...Mewtwo?
    Mewtwo: (lightly chuckles) Even now... Me..?. Mewtwo...? Even now it sounds... absurd.
    (Mewtwo walks elsewhere)
    Satoshi: H-hey!
    N: (chuckles) He's a very easily embarrassed Pokemon, isn't he? (thinking) That Pokemon... it's very powerful... but I can feel a dormant power waiting to be unlocked inside his heart.
    Oh yeah, I learned Japanese by simply taking classes and self-studying. I love Japanese culture, so that help motivate me. And no, I'm Asian, Vietnamese mainly, however, I don't *think* there's any Japanese lineage in me, but I may be wrong. :p
    No thanks, actually regarding Alexa and Viola. I haven't seen much fanart at all for the XY characters, which is weird because the fanart for the BW characters like Roxie and Marlon was through the roof when they were revealed. I've seen virtually little to nothing for Alexa or Viola, maybe everyone else thinks they have bland designs too? It just seems weird.

    Yes, it should be akin to Buneary's vest or Krookodile's shades. He should wear it get focused or psyched up(Kiai Band is its Japanese name, iirc.)

    Probably because he's Ash's Pokemon. :p
    The interaction between Satoshi and N in my manga will probably be loads similar to their anime counterparts. Your headcanon is most similar to N's relationship with Touya and Touko here, by the time he meets Satoshi, he'll sort of be thinking about how they'll get to be like him someday... or maybe they already have? That type of deal. Seeing the entire Gen I-V crew will certainly make N even more hopeful inside about Pokemon battles and the relationship between humans and Pokemon. Good lord, I can't wait for N to meet Mewtwo.

    I'll look forward to showing you scripts of the manga then. :p

    And yeah, I've listened to Egao. It's a pretty nice song, for a minute I can get away from my feelings of the actual movie when listening to it.
    I'm very tempted to have Satoshi go "Kodomo ne" to Iris during the Champions Tournament, who even as an Isshu Champion has never seen a Lizardon before. I really have nothing against Iris, I just think it would be a funny throwback, considering how things usually are in the anime series. :p
    Special N... he scares me, in all honesty. The anime trumps Special with its version of Mewtwo, but it also trumps Special with its version of N (in terms of personality). I do appreciate that N does a lot more in Special, though. I'm actually looking forward to having my Satoshi interact with N. Satoshi, who convinced Mewtwo that all living creatures are able to co-existence and grew from that experience, talking to N, a man who once fought to liberate Pokemon from humans and create a world of their own? That would be pretty awesome.

    Yeah, looking at the character design sheets for Satoshi, that girl's face is totally shaped like Satoshi's model, and the hairstyle isn't too far off from Kasumi's, at least with the bangs. It might not be the case, but she makes the SatoKasu inside me go crazy. I'll try my best not to make anything too canon. lol As for Satoshi looking like a pedophile, well, he's hanging out with a bunch of younger kids in the BW2 arc instead of his Champion buddies, so why not? I'll be willing to do requests for ships I don't ship. Though I'll cry for my version of Kouki as I draw it, as well as my fellow ship comrades that will feel betrayed. lmao FANG-canon sounds very, very legit. I like it.

    Would you be willing to read scripts of the chapters that are somewhat identical to the anime with a few changes? Like the first chapter, which is the first episode with more details added to it (includes a flashback to when Satoshi was a kid and talking to his mom about his papa and Jii-chan, which is a bit of an adaptation of the novel).
    I'm not going to adapt it completely, but I'll totally take elements from Movie 15 to make it work. I could even spread the Seikenshi to the protagonists that don't "have" legendaries in Isshu (let's see...Touko/Touya HAD Reshiram, N HAD Zekrom, Satoshi "has" Mewtwo, Haruka "has" Latias, Yuuki "has" Latios, Hikari/Kouki/Jun might befriend the lake spirits... I doubt I'll take the beasts away from Jouto or make Houou intervene any more than it should. Lugia might help Silver though...). Spreading them throughout the arc is a very good idea.
    Not just that, Shigeru becomes both a researcher and a Gym Leader. The Tokiwa City Gym also becomes a lab.

    Your headcanon touches upon something very important that I overlooked. Kyurem eating humans, the rumor at least, is definitely something I should consider expanding upon in my canon. Some storylines in Generation I that weren't covered by the anime, like the dead Garagara story in the Pokemon Tower, will be delved upon, after all. Not gonna steal your headcanon though, but that's a very good reason for the Swords of Justice to appear. xD Right now, I'm scared of it getting too convoluted with legendaries (Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem/Genesect/Mewtwo/Latios/Latias are planned to appear so far, and it already sounds insane).

    I agree, I much prefer Game N to his anime and Special incarnations. The N in my canon is also more like Game N. The Plasma plot in the first BW games makes him a much deeper character, in my honest opinion. Definitely not gonna let that go to waste. Though, by BW2, he's more like the anime N, but that's a natural change. Just for fun, I'm also planning on incorporating that little girl from the early first movie trailer in some way in extra splash pages depicting alternate epilogues. One with Satoshi and a grown-up Kasumi. One with Satoshi and a grown-up Sayako. Maybe as a joke, I will make one with Satoshi and grown-up Shigeru, and one where's he's alone with 5 o'clock shadow. I'll let people pick and choose with that, I love trolling the shippers even though I'm one myself. :p Man, that girl's face is structured so much like Satoshi's that it gives me crazy ideas

    I'm totally going to read the Fate/Stay Night VN after I get past my VN backlog. I did like the anime's openings though.
    That original Aura Transfer sounds like something out of Fushigi Yuugi. LOL

    "Pure Kyrurem" will actually be called "Junsui Kyurem" ("True Dragon") in the story. But yeah, your Mewtwo transforming due to being operated by Achroma is interesting to me, because mine gets a check-up by Shigeru only after he starts being able to transform. Mewtwo trusts humans enough now to let them give him medical treatment/operations. :p

    My friend is a real Fate/Stay fanatic (Type-Moon in general), but he doesn't seem to like Fate/Zero much because he feels it forces a different mood onto the story and some of the characters. I think it may just be him though, he doesn't seem to dig the Gen Urobuchi touch on anime shows, though he likes the visual novels Urobuchi's written for Nitro. He posted about the Fate/Stay Night visual novel on my anime blog, and after that I've been thinking of reading the visual novel. I've only seen the anime, but from what I've read, it really seem to do Fate/Stay Night justice, though that doesn't surprise me.
    I'm totally up for that. Posting the same tweet every day will do the trick. :p

    Many sex scenes in 18+ visual novels tend to be silly. Especially when they're in-between such serious stories. Though, there are some that do fit within the context of the story that you can actually take seriously (Da Capo II has one that feels utterly depressing). I definitely hear Fate/Stay Night isn't one of them. LOL Good lord, a Pokemon visual novel (made by fans) would be full of them.
    Certainly not much dignity as a writer if he can't personally own up to certain mistakes in the film. I think that may be a problem with the main show as well.

    And, you'd be surprised how popular the whole tan-skin loli thing is. :p Right when I saw Sana, I knew she would be an early target. LOL
    Good point. Watch as we praise how "cool" Genesect is and suddenly he replies. -_-

    Rule 34 is fast, man. The Japanese fanartists got to work right when Sana was revealed. :p Don't get me started with Mei and Touko back in Gen V...
    We should have started off by praising how well of a contradiction the film is.

    I think we should wait a day or two. I'm sure the man's a busy fellow, after all.
    However as notorious optimist i still believe book on Misty hasn't been closed yet with chances for return not being sealed. Since way writers replaced her and left things uncleared regarding her career and motivations afterwards serves as pretty good indication how they purposely left open window open allowing to easily return her back and do sequel at any point. Providing they want.

    Fact that writers had no problems in returning decade old characters like Jessibelle and Jasmine in DP, have Clair be more prominent in BW, bring back old Kanto pokemon like Charizard from early Kanto only further proves how doors are still open for Misty to come back whenever that would be.

    Unlikely yes, but not impossible imo.
    Yeah i know what you mean, because i also liked how May decided to move from life her father practiced trying to find herself in what she enjoys to do and what she really wants to be.

    True about Dawn. I wish writers did more about pressure mother and environment imposed on her taking advantage of her break down and weak confidence which came after successive defeats where she even contemplated about quitting with whole contest career. But alas it wasn't meant to happen.

    About Misty, her goal was plausible but lacked substance and proper explanation behind it. From what it has been showed,it involves being one of best water trainer in world possibly higher than E4 are,as well accomplishing tasks by entering water based competitions like Whirl cup,where this term was explained abit by prof.Elm. Whole premise behind quest has lot of potential allowing to be done much more with character like learning how to overcome water type weakness, go on venture to learn more about them and meet other specialists from who she could learn, expand on what was established in Whirl islands entering tournaments advancing forward etc.
    Whole connection with E4 and fact that she idolize Lorelei only added extra dimension to it offering way to develop her in several ways and turn it into tangible quest.
    But instead of expanding more on her role writers just choose easiest way to keep her of the cast and leave things unfinished unfortunately.
    In end Misty developed as person, but her growth as trainer didn't accompanied that leaving sore taste in mouth.
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