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  • Hehe i noticed. Ah don't worry i think you did pretty good analysis. No one can be 100%b objective in such kind of threads with everyone being abit biased when giving their grades an d how they felt about certain series/characters. With their preferences and what they expect from certain series influencing their judgment to some extent.

    You had normal level of bias unlike some others i shall not named which got their judgment clouded to such degree, that they completely disregarded and overlooked anything positive about certain series.

    Definitely agree about Dawn and May storyline. Dawn development main consisted of stepping out of Johanna shadow and learning how to become strong coordinator.

    Needless to say i liked some quite impressive and creative combinations she developed about her pokemon. Whether its Mamoswine and Cyndaquil combination of swift and ice shard defeating Ursula thanks to it. Rocket formation which almost net her win over Zoey thanks to Togekiss sky attack and Piplup extra big peck attack. Or mix of aura sphere and whirlpool her pokemon developed.May growth involved learning to appreciate pokemon and realizing what she wants to do with life blooming in mature, independent coordinator.

    As for Misty. She didn't developed much in goal sense that's true, but she grew a lot as character gradually growing in more mature and confident person with various sides of her personality being explored more showing how there was more to her compared to what was showed during debut . Which led to some great character development with Misty gaining sisters respect getting over complex of feeling less worthy, getting over Gyarados fear, growing as water trainer coming in light of more confident and responsible person.
    Granted im abit biased when talking about Misty, but i still think she got some nice development, though not as much as she could had(especially career wise).

    p.s. Im sending you friend request.
    Hi, glad to see you around here. This is pleasant surprise.:D

    p.s. Nice analysis on pokemon series in that thread. I agree with most of it, though Os is my favorite. But thats just personal preference.hehe,

    Also am i the only one who find that May and Misty are characters which probably developed most in character sense? Though admittedly May even more than Misty.

    On other hand imo Dawn in story aspect got probably most growth regarding her career.
    Saw Your post in Serebii

    This episode will reveal that Ash was in fact zapped by Zekrom in the first episode of Best Wishes in his attempt to save Pikachu and will fall in a coma. He will get up in this episode, only to know that the entire journey through Unova was a dream and it was in fact his spirit that made journeys through Unova. Realizing that he had wasted a year, he decides to go to Kalos to compensate everything.
    You have no idea how much I want this to come true !
    So while I think Paul has opened up to Ash, I don't think they'll get very far on a casual basis, but the sky's the limit when it comes to the battling and the Pokemon. It's not so much that Paul would be Ash's mentor as it would be Ash and Paul mentoring each other. Granted, I would ideally like to see them reunite in the anime when/if they have a Champion's League arc and they're both competing, which in that case most of their learning from each other would be by watching each other battle before they're paired up again. At the very least I can see some mutual "good luck"s being exchanged. ^^; But if Ash starts getting too Reggie-like on him, I feel Paul will still be blunt and honest about how much he hates that kind of nonsense and how it's a waste of time. Ash would naturally wanna teach Paul how to have fun, but... hahaha, that is a pipe dream at best. :p If Ash wrangled Paul into something he wasn't comfortable with, I still see Paul being eternally bitter and uncooperative.

    I hope that was good enough of an answer, it was sorta all over the place. XD
    I like to imagine that if Paul knew things like say, how Ash defeated Brandon (via outrageous DEM), he'd be calling bullshit like we all did. :p If he knew about the stupid stuff Ash did in Unova, like basically everything he did in the Elesa battle, I could see Paul flipping his shit and give Ash the scolding of his life. Part of this would be out of humiliation that Paul actually LOST to someone who continues to do idiotic things in battle, but the other part would be sort of Paul not wanting Ash to regress as a trainer (which he pretty much did in BW)... in a twisted sort of way, kind of like a verbally abusive father figure to Ash to keep him in check because he doesn't want his old rival to get soft on him. And conveniently in doing so Paul would be doing to Ash what Brandon does to Paul in my fic. XD

    Given that Paul actually stole Ash's Counter Shield in the League and was amazed (rightfully so) how Ash's Infernape got rid of the Toxic Spikes field hazard, I think he would be interested to see more of Ash's techniques. In turn, I would really like to see Paul TEACH Ash how to properly use a Torterra... because Ash's Torterra really sucks whereas Paul's is freaking awesome. I think they'd learn a lot of invaluable things from each other, being opposites not only in personality but in how they battle; where I think Ash's best Pokemon are glass cannons all about speed while most of his tanks leave a lot of be desired, Paul's tank-like Pokemon are totally boss whilst his glass cannons like Weavile and Ninjask really failed to stand out, and in the latter's case, had a really shitty moveset. Really. When your Pokemon has SPEED BOOST as an ability why the fuck would you have it learn Agility aaaaggh.
    ahahaha no, the last chapter of mine that was 15k words was chapter 14... and before that only chapters 1-6 are under that amount. :p You probably know by now, but chapter 19's been finished (which is why this reply is belated, sorry! also it's a long response so multi-parters!) and it clocked in at 47k words, making it my longest chapter yet. Since chapter 17 I've been breaking my length records with each successive chapter... and since I decided to move a lot of planned plot points from 19 over to 20, it wouldn't surprise me if that ended up being 50k words. XD I'm glad you've been able to read my ungodly huge chapters; I feel that's been my biggest deterrent in getting more readers. So it feels good to see readers that embrace my wordiness rather than shun it. :3

    And I've dug Paul well before DP100, really. He intrigued me since his debut, I REALLY got interested in him by the Tag Battle arc; DP100 was what finally gave me inspiration to write about him. :D

    About how he'll interact with Ash after he's gotten his Brave Symbol, hmm... even after their battle, while I would definitely say Paul doesn't hate Ash anymore, I don't think that means Paul outright likes the guy either. Personally I think the overwhelming similarity to Reggie that Ash has, as well as me not really being able to see Paul fitting on an Ash-level scale of social funtimes, is gonna prevent Paul from ever regarding Ash as a friend. He respects Ash now, but rightfully so Paul won't pull a 180 and be super best friends with him. I think, in a funny way, Paul would best be able to hold a conversation with Ash if it's about battling, strategies/techniques, goals... basically business stuff.
    Nah. lol I wouldn't be so strict as to disallow a private chat with a fellow fan.

    I mean, just recently, I caved into giving my Facebook of all things to an old pal I made through the Pokemon fandom.
    Also, congrats on being my first PM. I didn't know it was turned off to begin with. lmao
    I never thought Morrison had much of a character TBH, I thought he was just meant to be a character similar to Ash and good friend with a small personal weakness when battling Ash. As for Harrison, I always thought he was just meant to be the typical older character who Ash gets squashed by at the League. Never thought much of his character, though he did look remarkably similar to Vincent/Jackson. Same for Tyson.

    That's certainly a wild theory for sure. Wow, it's still an immense amount of writing. Yes, I remember her fic. on Iris and Cilan, Guardian of Fate, since I've been a good friends of hers for quite some time I'm actually following it. I plan to give her formal reviews in the future, since a good review and critique is a good way to help a writer and brighten their day.
    Yeah, Trip, his execution was really bipolar and all over the place. I can't tell why they were going for the guy to be honest, it seemed to be a sorta of Kanto inferiority thing and prodigy stuff but then he lost to Cilan and Bianca and then Alder finally appeared and eh..I just don't really care about Trip. He was good until the first tournament at least. Aw, yes, Contestshipping, loved May and Drew's interactions for all they were worth. Those two were made to interact and have moments together. :p

    Sounds really interesting, why Raikou though? Just pick a legendary or was there some symbolism behind that choice? Yeah, that's a nice expansion since Ash can't help but get too emotional in combat. Wow, 15K in three days 0_o;; You're quite fast. Do you use Google Documents? Yeah, me myself I am stuck in Gen 5 too. Though I only have one ongoing stories that I've been writing at a snail's pace for unfortunately. No need to feel sorry. My Internet, or lack of, made it hard to write though I've got Google Doc. working offline so I'm able to write at home now after all this time, thankfully. I'll probably finish my fifth chapter some time next week if I commit to it more.
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