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  • I'm glad I spend most of my free time here when it comes to Pokemon fandom; Paul's much more appreciated here at Bulbagarden. :D Every time I read about the stuff they have about Paul on TV Tropes, it pisses me off. Anyway, thanks for the praise for Trifecta! I am indeed continuing it and am nearing the homestretch of chapter 19 (currently 55 pages/38k words in); life's just been a huge downer for a while and I can never write when I'm depressed or mad. I do blame the Best Wishes anime in part for getting me down because it's so terrible that it's depressing and aggravating in of itself for me. :p So next chapter's gonna be sprinkled with vague anti-BW subtext because I'm just that vindictive... and if nothing else, it inspires me to outdo the current anime with my writing.

    Not sure when Chapter 19 will be done, but I DEFINITELY wanna get it done before the official two-years-since-last-update mark. That should definitely happen now, far along as I am.

    ... as for Ash and Paul's post-DP interaction, I try not to think about it too much. Mainly because if the writing in BW is anything to go by, I'm sure they'll utterly ruin Paul the way they ruined Dawn and Cynthia.
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