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  • Because you haven't been active, I'm going to remove you from Chris's Story because you haven't been on. If you want it back just message me.
    I've graduated from High School on the last week of March :D
    I've been doing great too, and I'm writing my longest story ever for the URPG. How have you been doing? I haven't seen you around in like forever.
    Yeah that was what inspired me, I love it. Thanks for Grading it, it's been waiting a while and I'll get down to perfecting it
    It's been a long time...

    Well, I got that great grade from you, that honestly made me reconsider how I write as a whole, and then... well, then I had to go to Basic Training for the Air Force. After that I got a single day to read email, noticed your grade, and thanked you heartily. But then I went to technical training, and then go to my new job... And after all that, I had honestly completely forgotten about the whole URPG.

    Then I was cleaning up my old bookmarks and came across my stats, and it came flooding back. I'm back in the game.

    So, well, Dragonair and Froslass never got their battles. That makes me sad. And you DID say you wanted to battle them. Care to live up to that old pledge? It's been just over a year since you said it, but that doesn't seem like a reason to let you slip off. I only have four Pokemon as of yet, but I can still fight if you're willing.

    And, though it's been a long time since then... thanks again. That was a very excellent critique, for good and for bad.

    Not too much. Just got into an awesome scholarship program at a really really good school, so super happy about that. OTHERWISE JUST CHILLIN' ABOUT EVERYTHING.
    Hey Dragoness! Been a while. ^_^

    Get on AIM sometime, hey? I find it easier to communicate using chat than visitor messages or PMs.

    I really liked your WWC story, btw. =) 'Twas very well done, and had the true feeling of one of those older, very English detective/mystery stories... though I felt the battle occurred (and ended) a bit abruptly. Kudos!
    Thanks. I was going to grab your story after Reaper's (cause I already promised him) but maybe this is better. I KEEP GETTING SUCKERED INTO DOING MORE STUFF AND Y'KNOW, IT MIGHT'VE TAKEN A WHILE. BUT YOUR SUPPORT IS WELCOME AND APPRECIATED.
    Oh, thank you!
    The pointers were extremely helpful, and I'm going to try and take them on board if I ever attempt to write a first-person story again (I'm extremely bad at writing in first-person, lmao).
    Thanks so much!
    Hey, no worries! If you're unable to do it whenever you think you are able to, then that's fine. I can wait as long as you need me to. :}
    YOU ARE MY HERO. Thanks so much for claiming. :}
    /hoping the story isn't too shit/disappointing lulz
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