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  • Yo! Jeff here~
    Just confirming if you still want to continue the trade for the Vullaby and Ferroseed~
    Bin a while since we last chatted D:
    Hm. I'd expect the wind to be kinda heavy, if clouds appear quickly.

    Yup. People kinda think of it like cold cotton, huh?
    Oh. The ground here can't handle rain, so any time it rains, no plants really get watered; the water just spills off into the street.

    You got some drastic weather changes. How's the wind there?

    Snowball fights don't sound that fun to me. You accidentally get a rock in a snowball, and someone gets a bloody forehead. Bah. Although I've never been in a snowball fight. Snow is not as light and fluffy as people say. Put ice in a blender, you got snow. Seriously, that's exactly what it's like.
    It's... guh. It only snowed once in the six years I've been here, and summer gets to like, 110º-120º Ferinheit (or however you spell it). It, as expected, rarely ever rains, and the most you'll typically see is a few white splotches in the blue sky, nothing that'll get you wet. If you're lucky, you can get an overcast day, but that doesn't mean it'll rain. Outside of the developed part of the land, it's dry, with various simple shrubs and grasses and stuff, no big trees or fruits or anything. Some parts are quite rocky, some are flattish, but mountains are usually all around the horizon.

    How about you? What's a tropical place like?
    Yes. In a desert, we don't think about water troubles, so we don't prepare much for something that rare. Not only that, but a lot of the people here are total idiots, no joke.
    I live in the frickin' Mojave Desert. One day it rained, soaked everybody's papers in their bags. And then there's the day that a water pipe broke, and no one even knew until the end of the class session, and by that time, paper was warped.
    Rain is nice, but only when you have a waterproof bag.

    So, wait. You get cold weather, then immediately hot weather, then somewhere in between?
    Gosh, that... kinda sucks, in my opinion. You start school when everyone in America (and perhaps much of the Western world) is having fun... not to mention having to go to school, scorched and sticky for a season.
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