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  • These are what usually cause controversy from the users: the metagame, smogon, caustic critics (Ex: Nostalgia Critic), video games that caused backlashes from the geek culture/internet community, the idea of having a female trainer in Super Smash Bros, and nerfing/buffing certain Pokemon types.
    Believe me, I know that feel. I get this sense that no one here wants me around whether I say my ideals or act like them to earn their respect.
    I intended to VM you regarding the word's definition because I'm don't seem to get the joke on your profile pic of Growlithe.
    Yes, there is. It's because of his chapters in Storm of Swords that I really started to love his character :D

    btw, do not google anything about the plot because you do not want the Storm of Swords plot spoiled, trust me :)
    A Storm of Swords is the best book I've ever read. Ever.

    So much stuff happens in it and every chapter was just OMGWTF :O
    Indeed. He's my favorite character along with Tyrion. And yes, Coster-Waldau is amazing :]

    Have you read all the books? I'm on 'A Feast for Crows' at the moment btw.
    I couldn't help but notice your 'A Song of Ice and Fire' usertitle and location. Thumbs up for you :)
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