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  • Is an uneventful day a good thing or a bad thing?

    I don't care that the reply was late, only that you replied.
    its a good deck, I've played against it and its tough to beat
    my brother doesn't have catchers and he does real well, it can help but it can be a dead draw
    hmm, that is a tough question since I've been making different decks, so far Keledo/Blastoise and Landorus decks are good but pricey
    for me I'm using Flygon for its ability and a rainbow Ho-Oh Ex deck
    Dark/Dragon is more inclined to Hydregion and Darkrai decks since Hydregion is the only dragon that needs dark types
    Pokemon Catcher is a very helpful and useful card but its very hard to get and is quite pricey to obtain unless you pull it
    I haven't used it since last week and I've done quite alright without it
    that's good, in my personal opinion that's the first thing you should do because they'll help you out with questions or anything to help you get started

    I've always built my decks from scratch but I've been playing for years and used to the gameboy TCG game to help out, I'd recommend a theme deck they have out already to start off with, it'll be complete for you and getting energies in the beginning was tough as it is, pick a theme deck from Black and White and above since those are legal formats for now and so you're not to far behind, if you feel you need cards for your deck just think of the type you're using and let me know, I'll gladly help out with whatever you need

    don't think that way, feel free to ask anything and I'll answer as best and as soon as I can ^^
    hey, I read your comment on my blog for joining in the TCG
    have you already checked if Leagues are nearby?
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