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  • Oh... Well, if you get Wi-fi, and chose a WPA (Good security) connection, it can connect to DSis and 3DSes, and it'll work with Black, White, Black 2, and White 2.

    I can't battle on simulators... We could still talk though.
    It's definitely larger than my Zukan figure, but the latter still looks better. Then again, the latter was around three-and-a-half-times the price of a Value Meal...

    Great! Too bad I won't be bothered to watch it...
    Well, I already got my Zekrom from McDonald's... two weeks ago. I have no idea why I waited this long to tell you this or still bothered to tell you about it now.
    I recall seeing some ads for the movies, but I never had the time to watch TV as much as I used to. :/

    Yeah, it actually took me a while to have Zekrom as my favorite. My initial reaction was mostly neutral. Oh well, Lucario will still be my favorite non-legendary.
    All of the Pokemon movies I've watched were online.

    I haven't really considered that, since I'm already satisfied with just one. I don't even collect Reshiram. (I like Zekrom way too much... :p
    Yeah, the games still seem to be popular here. I do remember seeing a copy of Conquest in Astrovision. Also, I remember going through several re-runs of the Original series, before they got to AG. By the time they started showing DP here, I already have finished watching the series and the movies.

    Probably not. Too much fast food isn't good for me. :p
    Yeah, I've seen those in toy stores, all in Japanese. As for TCG, I remember seeing some AG-era packs in NBS and BW-era packs in more upscale toy stores. I guess the market here isn't as lucrative as the others. But in fairness, the games do get here around the same time as the US and manga(s) from both Chuangyi and Viz are still available. Not much to say about the anime, I gave up on CN and moved to looking for it online.

    You're planning to get them all?
    Yeah, it's like that. Some time back, I found out that the company that handles those kinds of merchandise was Top-Insight. (It's in the tiny print of the posters). Top-Insight is a Taiwan-based company that also handles the Mandarin and Cantonese dub. Going to their website, I found out that they also handle Southeast Asia. So, any Pokemon merchandise that appears in McDonald's of Taiwan, we should also have it here soon. However, I'm still annoyed that there aren't any DVDs here, aside from the pirated ones. (Their website indicated that they also do distribute them in Singapore and Thailand)

    Also, I should go to McDonald's soon. I want another Zekrom. :3
    Great, just don't mind the username. I just like it because it stands out. :p

    I didn't realize those toys were already here, but I expected them to be here soon after seeing this a few weeks ago.
    Good morning XD

    Wow, you've last talked to only me.....anyways.

    Wanna check out my friend's forum and wish her a happy birthday? :3 She turned 19 today ^_^

    The more people who tell her happy birthday the better~^-^

    I hope you are well too by the way ^_^
    Have nice dreams about.....BEING RANDOMER THAN RANDOM! XD Just don't touch whats mine (Riku. or my badass pink dress i'm wearing irl right now). And you'll be fine!

    *finger snap's a few times* Chao, babe~*slyly waves bye bye and fade's into the darkness---NEVER TO BE RE-CONSUMED. remember who's the badass one here! haha well cya*
    *chace's Riku around Destiny Islands!* Okay! Bye! I'm glad we got to have fun and I might nap too :) Also, my brother is learning japanese! Yay^^
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