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  • hi there, I have your walrein, it is from my Sapphire game, he is lvl 51 with a jolly nature, when would you like to collect,
    Hi, dragonite. I'm interested in shiny eevee and shiny torkoal. I have the regi trio (normal ones, no shiny), normal pokerus cranidos and a light ball. PM me if you're interested.
    I decided to drop by here and leave you a message because I don't want to keep getting too off-topic in the shiny thread. Anyway, your English is not pathetic. I don't know why you always feel so bad about it. You taught yourself for the most part, right? That's really amazing. Even so, you speak a completely different language with no connections to English. I think that makes your English even more impressive. You understand it and you can communicate in it well enough for people to understand you, so don't feel bad. :) And like I said, you can PM me any time you want help.
    I saw that you are still trying to contract the pokerus. I caught a lucky break and got a poke with it off the GTS! If you are interested in trading to get a pokemon with it PM me.
    I have been trying to get my swarm to be beldum but still no luck.. and im loosing patience with it. Ive also got a new laptop and im trying to set up nintendo wifi but my virus protection keeps blocking it so i dunno.
    How r u? You r one of the few longtime chainers who are still active. If u ever get the urge to trade off any of those excess shiny pokes u have, keep me in mind :p
    Hello. This is The Shining. I am just getting to know the current users by popping in and saying Hi (yeah I am being redundant)
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