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Recent content by dragonite24

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    REVIEW: XY139: Farewell, Satoshi Gekkouga! Xerosicy's Counterattack!!

    Well. I guess this is a better end then being mailed to some random kid.:P On a more serious note, Greninja didn't revert from Ash-Greninja, and this episode featured some serious feats of using the mental link effortlessly as a distance. I may be wrong, but seems their bond has matured to the...
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    REVIEW: XY133: The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Collapsing World!!

    Ah, haven't posted in 3 years.. Those eps are just being too good.. What's exactly going on with Alain's keystone bracelet? Did it just focus the mega evolution power for Lysandre's plans, or did it power up his Charizard more?
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    REVIEW: XY060: Aim to be the Kalos Queen! Serena Makes Her Debut!!

    I have to say, it being a mere trip has it's merits. Usually we get grand misfirings of moves in these kind of ''contests'', but it being such a simple thing in front of a huge crowd..Such a faillure does feel more ''real'', as without fancy elemental powers that is how stuff usually goes south...
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    REVIEW: XY008: Pokémon Trimmer and Trimmien!

    Some of the negative reactions here seem a bit over the top here. We have got a epic introduction two-parter with a capture, a capture ep with set for another one, the next episode is the another one(with both of these eps also showing off the humans well), a pair of gym episodes with a...
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    REVIEW: XY006: Decisive Battle on the Ice! Pikachu VS Viviyon!!

    I'm really enjoying XY so far since it brought back strong points from the past series Fletching was handled quite well here in my opinion, Pikachu was the star pokemon, and yes he did get 2 KO's, but there's more to it. Pikachu managed to defeat Vivillion while the only attack he managed to...
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    BW 010 "Rival Battle! Strong Opponent Pururiru!" Review Thread

    I know only Pikachu's loss is truly odd, but what's bugging me is that Ash acts like a rookie with inexperienced pokemon, while Shooti is all arrogant with a trained team, and (at least now) seems to act like he's generally more skilled. And looking back at AG and DP Ash is quite the grizzed vet...
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    BW 010 "Rival Battle! Strong Opponent Pururiru!" Review Thread

    What I personally mind is how a beginner can put such a team together and curbstomp Ash, while the latter has much more experience? Even pikachu lost again, to a evolved, but still a relatively inexperienced pokemon. Everyone may come up with explanations to justify this, but the only true one...
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    REVIEW: BW005: Sanyou Gym! VS Baoppu, Hiyappu and Yanappu!!

    Pikachu got KOed without getting any real hit in. He's been so weak after the Zekrom drainage, that I am seriously starting to wonder that it's intentional and a plot point later on. That, or the writers are taking the new series nerf to a whole new level. Also, I love pokabu,the fire starters...
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    REVIEW: BW001: To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!! / BW002: Iris and Kibago!

    Well, there's little difference between a gust of wind and a whirlwind. Also, I think ash is so clumsy because of the new kids. A kiddy hero who makes the same mistakes as them is appealing.They need to drive the ''weaken before catching'' thing home. Still, he looks and acts younger then he...
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    REVIEW: BW001: To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!! / BW002: Iris and Kibago!

    Yeah, I managed to dig that up in the topic later. My bad. Although I still maintain that his smugleaf is pretty powerful for a starter, although piplup was to.
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    REVIEW: BW001: To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!! / BW002: Iris and Kibago!

    Okay, saw the pics. They are good eps but... Can somebody tell me why a fresh starter pokemon knows a powerful leaf storm like that? At least it left a rather big carving in the ground. He should have gotten May's torchic, serves him right.
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    Ash's new look

    Can somebody post two pics(new and old) to compare?
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    Do you prefer the less girly look of the new heroine?

    Biggest.Ponytail.Ever. And it's awesome.
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    The general Pokemon League / end of Sinnoh / Generation V thread

    The older age also means they offically made ash a teen now, if it's a sidekick,or a rival.
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    Generation III: Criticized too often?: Fan's response in defense of Generation III

    Re: Generation III: Criticized too often?: Fan's response in defense of Generation II Gen III was a much needed new direction. Playing HGSS now.. kanto is fun at first but, johto is short,and kanto feels a little bit... empty to me. I love the games though. I liked and disliked some parts of...