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  • U had a Good Day so far and Thanks for the Complement about Darkrai Man I really Appreciate it because I do not find Darkrai Evil at all to Me.
    Anything happening right now and just finished Watching Today's Episode on YouTube and I thought it was GREAT, Better than my Original Review and I Think I will give it an 9/10 instead of an 8/10.
    U think Darkrai Are Ok or Cool or Not a Fan at all of them because they are My Favorite Pokemon of ALL Time right Now.
    In Today's Episode I liked it when Both Woobat and Yamask were Exhausted and could not battle and I thought it was Priceless and since I AM A BIG FAN OF Team Rocket i like that they are Comedians again which they should have been during Unova.
    I do not think it is a Pointless Filler Episode and I want to see if it will be just good and not Pointless because I like Shiny Pokemon Episodes and they are usually Good.
    Someone on Caption The Screenshots did this and it was Funny, The Dragonite Twins: None Shall Pass, I thought it was so darn Funny Man.
    U like Froakie at all because it is going to be My Starter for Kalos and I will be using Pancham and Litleo and i am excited for Litleo because I will se Lions as much as Possible when I am in Kenya.
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