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  • I hope I can. But I do not have a 3ds so I have to get it in birthday gift in September or buy it myself with my savings(it will take a while to save though). How about you?
    I see. I bought one before for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. I'm really excited for X and Y. I feel like it could be the best one yet.

    Me, well I just finished watching all 3 seasons of Game of Thrones. And I got really into it. I haven't been watching any new anime lately. What about you? Seen anything new?
    That's interesting to know about the cartoon thing. :3 I didn't think Faerie's would have that much power to take a Dragon down. :O
    I read that, too. I also read something on here about it'll be the same for the Dark type, that the fairy type will balance it. Man, I hope not, or my Darkrai's are doomed. :O
    I can agree with you on froakie, but hopefully it's evolution will make up for that. ^-^
    I am afraid that I have a different opinion.
    1. Froakie
    2. Clauncher
    3. Skrelp
    Actually I think that Skrelp is one of the worst pokemon ever. It is so ugly.
    Thanks fro accepting the friend request!
    And Palpitoad is not the only Water type I like. Water is my favorite type. My first pokemon in a game was Totodile, a Water type.
    Water is a nice type. Most of the water type pokemon are very elegant, like Milotic. ;3 But then you have Gyarados...xD.
    Hehe, cool! ^-^
    Oh yeah. I don't really understand this whole "Fairy is super effective against Dragon" type of thing. I mean, it just doesn't feel right to me. A gigantic dragon versus a tiny little fairy...xD. But you do? Sweet! You should show me the pictures sometime, I'd love to see them. o3o.
    Oh yes, I definitely like them so far! There's some that I'm a little "meh" on, but other then that, all of them are pretty much epic. ^-^ What about you? Do you like them so far?
    Why do you like water types so much? I love them cause I somehow always end up choosing a water starter, and I get attached. Is that silly?

    Lapras is my favorite. :)
    Yes, Dark type is my favorite! :D I just find most of the dark type Pokemon so...alluring...Does that make any sense? xD.
    But really? Sweet! What is your favorite type? Other then Dark, I like Ghost, Dragon, and Ice. ;D
    Btw love the profile pic, haha! Poor little dratini...;.;
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