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  • I've been pretty good.

    And it looks awesome on your profile but I can barely read the messages on your "View Conversation" page because of all the words :p
    Uh-huh!Its one of the best if not the best roleplay I've ever been in!I will post soon,but things are a bit busy around here,my older brother is graduating tommarow!
    You know it! I wouldn't have sighed up for the Big Bad position if I didn't intend to stay till the end!

    I've actually been meaning to ask, would you mind if I became co-GM? I am the main villain and we've been talking things out a lot about it anyway so maybe make it offical.
    I'm still taking part in the RP. It's great we can finally get back to RPing since VB4 is finally up...after almost a week....
    Was how Akari theorized they were being tracked ok? Izzy did eventually figure out how Machinedramon was tracking them in Adventure and I couldn't think of many ways Devimon could've been tracking them except that.
    It'll take me a while to type everything up so it'll be as a PM. Just give me a few moments and I'll get to that, since I have to go through all the current plans for the project. Some of the stuff I had posted in another topic changed from then to how it is now. I've posted the original idea of the games in the Digimon Club, but a lot of that is outdated and needs updating. But right now I'll get to the basic idea for you once I get it typed up.
    Well, I don't want to do the exact same thing, but witnessing the fight between two Digimon would make sense, since that's what happened in the show both times. Maybe the past incarnations of their present partners appeared to stop an evil Digimon that emerged into the real world and sacrificed themselves to drag the villain back into the Digital World? And they don't remember it because they were reborn and the heroes won't remember it until one of them Digivolves since they were champions at the time?
    Think in Digimon Journey there should be some reason the characters where chosen as Digidestined? Like in Adventure 01 it was witnessing the fight between Greymon and Parrotmon and in Adventure 02 it was witnessing Omnimon fighting Diaboramon?
    Well still, even then, would you atleast like to know more about the game project in question?
    Yeah, though the Ultimate transformation is of course much cooler, since it always is. And if they get to Mega (at least some of them should), it has to be awesome.
    Alright, so like the data bursts off the part momentarally and then reforms into their champion stage? That works fine, it'd be pretty cool.
    So she'd need to really bond with Eiji before she can Digivolve.

    Their digicore, if you didn't know, that's were all their core data is and it looks like one of those things Azulonmon gave the Digidestined in Adventure 02 (though Azulonmon and his fellows have I think seven, which was how he gave one to the Digidestined in Adventure 02). The data scatters off of it, an energy outline forming over it. That better?
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