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  • Oh my god, One Piece AND Hunter x Hunter! Awesome!!

    I didn't get very far with Hunter x Hunter (the translation was bad and Hisoka kept killing everything) but Killua was so cool and I'm on the 120th chapter of One piece. only 700 to go lol
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    Revenge of the Boyega
    Revenge of the Boyega
    I betcha that the One Piece doesn't exist, that the real treasure is the bonds that you make when on an adventure of a lifetime! :D That's a pretty soppy girly response, but whatever! That'd be awesome!
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    Oh my gosh, for some reason I feel like that would actually happen!! Haha
    Revenge of the Boyega
    Revenge of the Boyega
    Yeah, because all the treasure in the world really couldn't compare to all the crazy-awesome memories they made. =P I should bite the bullet and read it but I feel like reading something... gothic/emo >:^)

    Nothing Black Butler-y, more like Vampire Knight but less cheesy lmao
    No worries, I know how that is. East huh? An interesting name indeed. You should call him Weast if you are allowed XD
    It's alright, I've been busy too. I've been doing alright I suppose ^^; What about you?
    Same here! ;~; It feels weird to call myself a college freshman now. :0 The only things I'm scared about are assignments but I have 4 classes from Mon-Thurs (Math on Mon/Wed, English, Ethics, Culture on Tuesdays, and English, Ethics on Thursday). I picked my classes towards the afternoon so I'm hoping it will somehow help me! xD

    She's a mix (Domestic Short Hair)! x3 Surprisingly she isn't lazy and she loves to play!
    Oh yeah, especially during breaks! Ughhh school tho. >.< When is your school going to start?

    Do you actually like plane rides though? I'm not a big fan of them! xD Oh btw btw guess what!! I totally forgot to tell you, but I adopted a cat a few months ago! Her name's Pumpkin! x3
    Trust me, it's better to start them (and the apps) early and get them over with. They can become a real headache when you have to do them last minute during the middle of the semester.
    We got a new programming teacher in our school last year and he's practically a kid (recently graduated from college). He's also a gamer! He brought in his Playstation, Wii, and Gamecube to our classroom and we used to play Smash Bros. and other games in our free time and at lunch xD Good times :'D
    Ah it's okay. So how is the college prep going? Computer science is a cool field. Programming is really fun imo :D
    Haha that's understandable, the plane tickets are so expensive, especially during the summertime! I won't lie, I last time I went to India was like 6 years ago. xD I'll never forget that day when I came back home and I was greeted by a big spider. *shivers*

    The plane ride in total is about 13 hours, not including layover! Btw speaking of layover, isn't it annoying? Especially if it's for more than 4 hours! Hehe yes I'm excited! The only things I'm worried about are the bugs! xD
    Fun fact: I grew up with it but never had the chance to play the card game until I found out about online simulators a couple years back.
    That's nice!! Do you visit often? It's such a nice feeling to go to the country where our parents originated from!

    My mom went with my aunt and uncle to India on Monday but I'm definitely going next year (even though I hate plane rides x_x) because I haven't gone in quite a while!
    Not drawing the cards you need, opponents having counters for all of your plays, opponents using cheap decks, etc...
    It is. Well, sometimes. If you're like me, it can be frustrating a lot of times too :p
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