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  • Hey. So I see you're after some HA Pokes on your thread. I'd thought I'd offer some that I wonder you may find useful.

    I'd be happy to trade you a few.

    Bred by me @ lv 1:
    Female Machop (Brave, No Guard), 31 IV in Atk, Sp Def, Spd. Bullet Punch
    Male Totodile, (Impish, Torrent), 31 IV HP, Atk, Def. Crunch & Rain Dance
    Male Ralts, (Gentle, Trace) 31 IV Atk, Def, Sp Atk, Spd
    Male Timburr, (Relaxed, Sheer Force) 31 IV HP, Atk, Spd. Mach Punch
    Female Shroomish, (Impish, Poison Heal), 31 IV Atk, Spd, Seed Bomb
    Male Tynamo (Jolly, Levitate) 31 IV HP, Atk
    Rotom (Modest, Levitate) 31 IVs Def, Sp Atk
    Female Seedot (sassy, Chlorophyll) 31 IV HP & SP Atk
    Male Electrike (Calm, Static) 31 Sp Def
    Female Dratini (Lax, Shed Skin) 31 IV HP, Atk, Def, Spd

    Male Charmander (Jolly, Blaze) Focus Punch, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower. This came from Gen V GTS

    From Gen V DW @ lv 10, IV's not marked
    Male Lapras (Calm, Hydration), Ice Shard
    Female Whismur (Serious, Rattled)

    Let me know if you are interested.
    Friend code:0061-0809-4165 trainer name:Hayden
    What's your friend code? And trainer name
    Hello. I can see that you are one of superbobbobbob3's friends. I am a leader of a group she has joined named Team Toxic. We are making storyline that is going to "manipulate" a false Pokemon game. If you would like to help, you may join our social group. Go to the "What direction should this group go in" conversation to see more. Post your idea's there. If you don't want to, that is perfectly fine. Thank you, and good day.
    Team Toxic - Bulbagarden Forums
    Sorry to be a little troubling but I changed my mind about a HA eevee. I don't want one anymore. If you really want the scraggy, I can give it to you for free.
    Oh your back! Sorry I was cooking dinner but I'll hop on now. And no worries bud.
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