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Recent content by DrTrunk

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    How do you play in-game

    Do you play using only your favorites, and disregarding potential type-match-ups, or competitively? Keep in mind, this is strictly for in-game. Thanks for your opinions!
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    Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    When I was a wee lad (no but seriously, like, 8 or so years ago) I caught a Nidoran male, and named it horny, not knowing what that word meant. The next day, I showed my friend, laughter ensued. I was then immediately told what it meant. Embarrassment ensued.
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    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    Kanto: Erika Johto: Jasmine Hoenn: Winona Sinnoh: Candice... I guess (I'm actually indifferent towards most of these.) Unova: Elesa
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    The official Bulbagarden forums claim a Pokemon thread!

    I would like to claim Beedrill. Beedrill-DrTrunk-April 2nd 2011
  5. D

    Your own "Evil" team!

    I would join team Youngster. The uniform is Shorts (comfortable and easy to wear) and you MUST have at least one rattata, or gtfo. Their plan is to look like the worst trainers in the game, but when the main protagonist decides to take a month or longer break, they rise up with the legendaries...
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    Why do people hunt shinies?

    Because some of them just look cool. why some people go for entire teams of shinies is beyond me, one is fine, then after that it's just boring.
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    Favorite (and least favorite) Pokemon cries in the games?

    Like: Kricketune Hate: Starly
  8. D


    Re: Create-a-Ability Can't think of a name for it, but the concept is Intimidate, but for special attack.
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    What would you say your signature pokemon is?

    Absol, Absol, and Absol
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    Your Best Baton Pass Ownage

    I was "building up a baton pass" with ninjask, person used taunt, person realizes I was actually building up my ninjask after I used return, dude loses epically.
  11. D

    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    Rayquaza. I was I don't know, caught a rayquaza with a great ball, named it Freakmeout, and leveled it to 100
  12. D

    Originals or Remakes?

    I'm not sure. some aspects of the original I like, the nostalgia and what not. but the remakes I like, because of the running shoes
  13. D

    Lavender Town

    Is everything about Lavender Town not creepy?
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    Blue And Yellow: Deciding which one was the true Third Version to GenI

    Yellow, this is America, therefore, America's third version, is the third version to me.
  15. D

    Dumbest NPC?

    I like shorts! They're comfortable and easy to wear!