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  • Oh gosh! The little I've heard about looks awful, although I'm guilty of being drawn to some of the images (art is an strange interest okay). I hope you and your family are okay!
    Wouldn't reccomend it before you need it though, it's annoying to go through them with a few pokémon
    Yeah! If you go through and put 1 in all of them you'll eventually unlock all 18. I think you start with 8?
    Oh. I didn't even notice I was mentioning the Gen 1 games. I was just being random. :lol: I can't wait 'till BW2 comes out too. Plus getting bonuses is so awesome too.
    I know you get them quick! I appreciate it immensely. My boxes are really scary right now. I have a few empty spaces in the one I put things for the giveaway, and then 7 outside that box. :(
    LOL poor Audinos! You're very welcome :)
    I've had them in my game for a few weeks, but I didn't think it was fair to give a legendary away on a first-come-first-serve basis so I made it fun. I'll probably only give away three this time, and they'll be an incentive to pick your pokemon up quick.
    I chose Snivy on White too! On Black I chose Tepig. And on Gray I chose Yellow. And on Yellow I chose Red. And on Red I chose Blue. And on.................
    lol wow you're early on. it's hard to find time to play it!
    I'm free, chilling in the room now. So whenever you show up I'll be there waiting :)
    :) I'm headed in there now to do a few more trades. I can give you a heads up when I'm done with them so you can continue hunting Audinos rather than wait for a year like you did earlier
    GEN V wifi is usually like this. xD So no worries. And have fun with oddish! :D
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