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  • Yay, thanks fsky!! :-D Although I don't need anything transferred at the moment. I may need help taking Pokemon from Platinum to HeartGold, though. I don't know when I'll need it, but I'm currently playing HeartGold :D Did you ever play HG/SS? What did you think of it? I like :thumbup:

    Midterms, eh? Study, study~ Don't you fail now, fsky! You can has be good stdnt.
    The new semester of college just started today- and I think it's off to a great start! (Hopefully it'll stay that way.)

    By the way, I totally didn't forget the little award I was going to make for you. Sorry to make you wait :-(
    I don't think I was affected by external conflict, but it's possible.
    I just think it's a result of the medication I'm taking- it does affect my mood a bit. But I guess today was one of those days were I become really irritable and uncomfortable :p It's never happened like this before. But, hey, first time for everything, right?
    It was kind of hard at times since I wasn't getting a lot of reviews and it got hard to come up with what to write but I always kept with it since it was the first piece I ever wrote something that dedication later helped me with my next story Pokemon Academy: Dragon's Roar. Though it's too bad I couldn't keep up with that dedication for NG's sequel.

    That being said I don't get a lot of compliments for New Generations other than how far I've come from there so I'm glad for what you said.

    By the way I still haven't gotten a chance to read your fic it's on my list and hopefully I'll have a chance to read the first chapter at least before I start college.
    Hey There! I'm getting your Ferrothorn together, but the set you gave me isn't legally possible. I'm going to go with Leech Seed/Spikes/Gyro Ball/Power Whip, as it seems to achieve your aims. If you have any objection, let me know.
    I don't know how much I remember from 10... ah well, it's okay.
    No no! You misunderstood ._. I meant, I need to make sure it doesn't break signature rule sizes or length or anything.
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