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  • Aww that's too bad, I'm all for Pokemon-Amie I MEAN IT WAS MY DREAM AS A KID I CAN EVEN FEED MY POKEMON /SCREAM/
    Back when HGSS came out with the whole walking Pokemon, I was already shrieking from playing my game because it feels like you finally have your own lol.
    Oh I wasn't hardcore in collecting DWFs, I find it amazing you got them all :D Still slowly making my way in DW, haven't even gotten over 7500 points yet hahaha. I only cared for the mons I liked like Surskit, Shinx, Trapinch, etc!

    Hm I don't follow BW anime :( Only watched a couple of episodes but I was never really into Pokemon anime after Johto arc. I still watch all the movies but the Keldeo movie was REALLY DISAPPOINTING, I rewatched the first movie the other day and oh man. Remember when there was PLOT. And actual story with Mewtwo and clones gosh I miss the old movies.
    Ahh BW arc is ending isn't it? Adventures has always been way cooler than the anime haha. I love how battling in the manga doesn't involve boring level grinding like in the game. The trainers even have to take physical abilities, terrain and general knowledge into count. I love all the protagonists sO MUCH *lies down* The Pokedex beeping when all the protagonists come together uheheh. I stopped around Platinum arc in 2010 coz the updates were pretty slow after I caught up. Now I'm gonna catch up with it again!
    So would you still be playing XY? I wish I could replay my Gen3 games but my cartridges are dead :( I can't save in them anymore ;_;
    But I have been rereading Pokemon Adventures. Do you follow that manga? IT'S REALLY GOOD.
    Hm not much, I'm in college now and p much dead from work, how's you :D
    Ah, it's ok then thank you! They aren't too hard to find since wifi downloadables :) Have you played B2 or W2?
    Hey duque, do you happen to have the Feb2012 Mewtwo, Spr2012 Reshiram & Zekrom and 2012May Darkrai? They are all wifi events for the English version and I missed them all TT_TT ;;
    I'll be happy to trade with you some Japanese DW pokemon for them or whatever you want that I can manage.
    Hey, you're online. I can trade now. :)
    I'd love to have a Shiny Deino. :3
    First I'll just trade a fodder that you can keep, and when I trade back your Infernape, you can trade the Deino to me then. :)
    Ooof, sorry, I had logged off then ><
    I'll be free this evening, if I see you online, I'll give you a VM. :)
    I'm a bit busy this evening, so perhaps at a later time? I'll be less busy tomorrow evening. D:
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