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  • You bred the Maractus? :eek:

    Also, I managed to get Gluttony Snorlax, Weak Armor Dwebble and Unnerve Axew (aswell as the Karrablast). Not sure if you already have those or not?
    OK then, well the trade can wait anyways. I'm not in any rush, since I'm about to go to bed :p
    I don't have either of those yet. I've been trying to get Bouffalant in the Hidden Hollows on my Black 2, but they take a while to respawn and, even then, I usually end up with items inside >.<
    Hi Duque, no I haven't traded with anyone in some time. However, if it is this Bouffalant, then it's probably because that one is an extra I got while hatching Bouffalants and I have posted it on Pokecheck in case anyone wants it :]
    Nope, none. I haven't managed to get my hands any more recently. :(

    Sure, I can head onto Wi-Fi now.
    Alright. I'll head onto Wi-Fi in a minute. That good with you?

    Edit: OK, I'm on Wi-Fi. Hopefully you're free.
    Sure. I just have some things to do now, so I'll be ready in a while.
    Oh, sorry. You still here? I was just busy doing something ^^;
    Alright, sure. Later is fine. I have the Trubbish, Venonat and Boldore ready.
    Eh no worries, you can have what you asked for. I still need to breed the Venonat and Trubbish anyways. So tomorrow is alright with me :)
    Sure thing, that'd be great! But not until tomorrow because I'm about to go to bed :p
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