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  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! :D Yeah, sure, I can do those three. I'm just breeding Tirtouga now actually, but since fossils are stubborn and take ages to find females, I'll let you know once I have it bred :)
    Sorry i just went for some lunch. I'll just go grab my DS and head in now! :)
    Alright, so how about I trade you females of Sewaddle, Grimer, Pinsir, Basculin, Blitzle and Woobat, and in return you trade me Emolga, Frillish and Combee females? :p
    I've managed to find a few, but I'm still missing loads. I did find a female Overcoat Leavanny in one of the hollows on my Black 2 game, if you'd like it?
    I've got a couple more, namely Sandshrew, Shuckle and the Deerling from B2W2. I'll breed them up later for you, if you want? My Black 2 game just got delivered, so I'm going to busy with that for the next few hours! :D
    Awesome! Thanks!

    If I pick anything else up I'll let you know to see if you need it :)
    Well I won't be RNGing anything over the next few days, because I don't want to change my DS's clock with my Black 2 game coming soon (I want to be able to see most of the time based events and changing the clock stops them from happening :p) but after that I will definitely RNG you one - with your choice of egg moves too! XD

    Anyway, I'll be in momentarily. :)
    OK, I'll be in shortly. I'm alright to trade you fodder for now, aren't I?
    :D! Sure thing!

    I should have my copy of Black 2 in a few days time, and there's apparently a few DW pokemon on there like DW Mandibuzz and Foongus, so if you're still in need of those when I get to them, I'll breed them for you as a repayment aswell ^^
    Mold Breaker Druddigon! :O! The new ones I have are only those I listed in Erika's thread: Onix, Aron, Swinub and Cubone :(
    :eek: Is there anything I can get you for a female of Sneasel and Whismur?
    Thanks, man. Enjoy them.

    Do you happen to have Sand Rush Sandshrew (female) and Rough Skin Gible (female)? Those are the main two I'm looking for.
    Yeah, it's still the same. I had a Metal Coat, so I attached it to the Onix. :)

    See you in there.
    Sorry! I was away from the computer! D: I'll have a look and see if I have a Metal Coat. If I have one I'll be sure to attach it for you.

    Well I hope you feel better anyways :p

    Shall I head onto Wi-Fi now?
    Sure has. Have you been well then?

    Oh, so they are females? That's great! Sure, just send me a message whenever you're ready. :)
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