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  • You around Durb? I wasn't able to get a good female, but have 31/x/31/31/31/31 male modest if it will be useful for you. Unless you are fine with waiting a it more?
    I'm fine with waiting as long it's female with modest.
    White Crow
    White Crow
    Hey .w. sorry for not coming back to you yesterday
    But got the female. When can you trade?
    I can trade Sunday through Friday from 20:00 - 2:00 GMT or Saturdays at any time before 17:00 GMT or after 21:00
    Well then, I wish you luck with that... Oh, and I assume we shall meet at the usual time? 'cause that's when I shall be online.
    Hello again. I noticed we haven't had a Splatoon match in a while, so I was hoping we could have a couple tomorrow if that's OK with you.
    Well, I assume you'll want to do some Splatoon matches today, am I correct? Either way, I'll be doing some regular battles, but if I see you in a match I shall head into the Squad Battle mode.
    Well then, it seems we both have something we're s*** at.

    Oh, and I assume we shall still do battle next Saturday same time as last time?
    ...I probably should've mentioned that I'm not that good at the Tower thingamajig... Ah well, not much I can do about that now.
    I noticed you randomly appeared in a match just now... Does that mean you have time for some Squad matches, or are you too busy?
    So... How did you find my performence?

    Eh, however you think I performed or if you were actually paying attention, shall we try and have some actual Ranked matches same time next week?
    Sorry for that little bit of inactivity, it was just that the TV was in use for something else - I'm back to doing some regular battles now, which you can join if you feel like it.
    I see you're online now... That's good I guess. However, what is not good is that in my current mental state I would be more a hinderence then a help in any serious fight, so I won't be doing any Squad Battles today. I will play some regular matches though if you want to try and join in, since it is always good to have some idea of how someone who you intend to team up with performs or something.
    Well then, I don't really have much else to say in this paritcular branch of this conversation... Good luck on the day or something.
    That sounds like a good idea. I'd say we switch weapons... Hmmm... Every three rounds, how does that sound? 'ause that's what I'm going to do either way
    See you then... Then. :)
    It seems that we both have good taste in Rollers then. :cool: Seriously though, I shall start with the Splatling, so use whichever weapon you think would work best with it.
    Oh, and one last thing - due to lack of verbal comunication during matches, I propose that, if one of us dies, then that person should spam the heck out of the 'Nice' signal to let the other know and possibly help them not suffer the same fate. How does that sound?

    EDIT: Also, something has just come to my attention - while the 2v2 Squad Battle mode does use squadss of two players, it actually uses four of those squads and splits them into two teams. Just thought I should mention that.
    Oh, and if that still confused you for some reason, this video should provide a better explanation or something.
    Well, let's see... If I've done my math correctly, I should be able to get in some battles any time from 6 to 10 PM your time on Saturday. How does that sound?
    ...I'm not really sure how that bodes, considering I just got to A last week... Oh well, only one way to find out.
    Also, I think we should use different weapons since it's kinda hard for two people using Rollers, for example, to win against someone with a Charger... I'm best with the aforementioned Roller, though I'm also decent with that new minigun weapon. Oh, and I guess I'm OK with that bucket thingamajig too. What about you?
    Well... Do you know of any other users who are interested in joining such a squad?
    Either way, shall we arrange a time for a match or two? After all, there is a 2v2 mode, as you may or may not already know, so I don't see what's stopping us right now. Oh, and what's your current rank BTW?
    I noticed you have sent a friend request to my Wii U... I assume that was because of that post I made about forming a squad in Splatoon?
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