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  • Slowly working my way through the pokedex, evolving each of my pokemon until I have officially caught them all. Hopefully I shall soon be able to call myself a true pokemaster
    You have a water safari with Bibarel and GYARADOS!!!! X3

    I'm not sure what the third one is yet, but congratz on the Gyarados
    Hey folks, if you somehow find my page, I need FC's and I need to know what my safari is. Please add me, 2406-5360-3939, and let me know what your FC is.
    Yes, this is a really good place..
    If u want a charmander, there is going to be a tourney, where it is one of the prizes..
    The announcement was made over the blog, so u might have to find it..
    For anyone that may look here, if you feel like helping me out with a Charmander for B/W... You'd be a hero. I've been obsessed with Charmander since I was a wee lad, and I really need one. Although warning, I'm not exactly filled with rare pokemon to trade in exchange.
    No-No, most of this was my fault. lOL. My internet connection was off.
    :'D no problem!
    No, I've never done this, but from what I'm reading I think its supposed to be wifi club. I was in the Union room the whole time. Lol, were confusing each other. I'm going to the wi-fi now.
    Sorry, i'm such a dumbass. ;-; I went to the wifi-club.. Should I go to the union room?
    I swear that I was connected a moment ago. I SWEAR ;__;
    how much time do you have?
    man, i shoulve been the one who shouldve tested it out.
    Can you give me a minute to try to connect?? :'I
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