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  • Oh, that's right. You people often have issues with leg hair. Wasn't there some special means of hair removal in which you could apply this stuff on whatever part that you want free of hair, wipe it off & boom, your hair is gone? There "might" be...

    Anyhow, how bad is that leg hair problem of yours?
    Well, at least you won't have to deal with mounds after mounds of facial hair like I've got. The damn shit always grows back, which means that I've got to shave on a near constant basis, & it doesn't help the fact that my hair is thicker than molasses in January. That means the risk of mutilating my face are quite up there. I had one time when I cut myself so many times in one go that I'm like, "I'm so going to $%*#ing bleed to death!"
    *sigh* There are times in which I wish I was a girl, even with all the repercussions that come with it...
    Well, pregnancy is most likely going to be putting a huge strain on that "bladder of steel" that you claim to have, as that expanding uterus is going to be squashing that like a fucking pancake. If you don't end up having to go pee around ten plus times each day, you'll consider yourself fortunate...
    Ahh, you finally speak to me!

    Anyhow, did your bladder ever spontaneously erupt, thus wetting yourself??
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