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  • Hiya edeneh! I just noticed you are in the URPG now. I'm going to gift you Lum Berries. xD

    EDIT: Nevermind I gifted you a Zubat :D
    *sigh* That's a huge relief. Alcohol can do some really strange things to people, & they can even turn them into violent psychos...!
    Guess the place your living is sparsely-populated as well, hmm?

    Well, the prestiege & the small class sizes are some excellent qualities, but make sure that you stay the hell away from the beer, as well as those who chug that stuff down like Bender from Futurama.
    What qualities of Ottawa's uni do you like about it that sets it apart from the ones that are closer to home?
    Well, since he prefers to avoid conversation altogether, & that he excels in Math & Physics, it may be possible that he might have Asperger's. You should ask him that.
    So it looks like you do have a bright future ahead of you!

    But... I've got a really good question for you: Does your boyfriend happen to excel in Mathematics & other similar sciences??
    I'm hoping that you'll be a great teacher.

    But anyway, I've found High School as a huge struggle for me, & quite frankly, I don't ever see myself going to a college, much less succeed in one...
    My parents are most likely not going to approve of me wanting to go to Canada to meet you in person, so your only option is to bring him to me.
    I don't even have a Driver's License, so I can't even leave my home without my mom's aid, much less travel to your country!!
    It's because I'm much more capable of talking to one through either writing or through the internet than I ever will through speech...
    You sound really sure about that, do you??

    One thing that you're not getting is that you're outgoing. But me? I practically prefer to avoid all contact with other people if that is even possible. If I cannot avoid being in a conversation with someone, I just don't say anything - I'm like talking to a brick wall at most times.

    Frankly, I'm beyond shy...
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