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    How does 7:00 pm Eastern sound? If not we can arrange a time.
    This week I have more trade times since my Spring Break from school is about to start. So just say what time is most conveniant.
    Lol oh those are the gem v games mmm not sure kinds hard to tell this early and for the rng thing I'm stuck at everything after the callibration phase
    i forgot to ask eevee breeder, when you RNG my shiny chansy, can you nickname it Daisy? i had been meaning to ask you but i kept on forgetting.
    aww im sorry to hear that, you were a decent shop owner(heck of a lot better than others) but i can understand why and yea i'll be happy to help you out whenever you need it and you can always ask me if your looking for anything, chances are i might have it, or can get pretty soon
    Hi Eevee. Going through the shops I found that yours is closing but your still offering shinies and stuff just not in a shop correct?
    If so Id like a shiny Numel. If not then I hope you re-open your shop someday.
    im sorry to hear about your shop eevee, i will still shop with you. even after your shop closes.
    Edit: and i wanted to tell you if you ever need anything from my shop its free of charge for you.
    Female Hardy Eevee Nami
    Female Jolly Hoppip Peach
    Female hasty or naive Chimchar Rochelle
    Male Scyther
    Male Electrike

    Shiny projects before shop closes
    same here all i really care about is being able to migrate my pokemon from my diamond and SS games. i really hope they push up the gameplay as well (harder trainers, more trainers and a more difficult battle tower).
    i mean it gets the point across that there are two versions but black and white. like you said light and darkness would have been a more proper titals
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