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  • Oh well, that sucks about Riolu...

    So I guess that the two luxios you are talking about would have to have three perfect IVs each? (Pokemon caught in the friend safari are only guaranteed to have two perfect IVs. You will have to catch quite a bit to find some with three perfect IVs.) That may not be too difficult to do, but I'm not sure...

    The thing about abilities is that they may be easier to breed for, because there are only three possibilities. The two ordinary abilities have a 50/50 chance, iirc, so if you breed for them it is not too hard. Friend safari Pokemon have a chance of having a hidden ability, which can be inherited by the offspring. So... yeah...
    Yup, that's basically it!

    But remember, for Shinx specifically, you must catch Riolus since he's the only one in the same egg group as Shinx AND that can be caught in the wild in XY.

    And, the 2 baby Pokemon must have all 6 IVs covered, so you should probably catch about 12 (Riolus, in the case of Shinx), then go to the Stats judge guy to see that all 6 stats are covered by 2 of the Pokemon you caught, male and female. (You may have to check the stats for every Riolu caught.) Now I realize that this may become more difficult than I expected, because female riolus are rarer (still, about 2/12 will be female).

    And, when you breed with the "can't be beat" female Shinx, you also have to give the female the IV passing down item corresponding to it's highest stat.

    (I already told you the stuff above, but I just want to make sure....)

    Additional info:
    -you can find one destiny knot on the second floor of the Cyllage Hotel, and the other Destiny Knot after defeating Beauty Aimee in the Backalleys of Lumiose City.
    -the stats judge will tell you when there is more than one "can't be beat" stat. So, in the case of 3 "can't be beat" stats, he'll tell you one of the 3 ("greatest potential lies in [one of the stats]"), and then he'll say [one of the 2 other highest stats] is "good too" or "equally good".
    -Regardless of whether it is a Baby Pokemon or not, Pokemon found in the Friend Safari are guaranteed to have at least TWO MAX IVs. So you can use this in breeding as well, but it'll be more difficult than having 3 Max IVs. (Because with 3 Max IVs, you only need 2 parents, but with 2 Max IVs, you'd first breed 2 parents, and then breed their offspring with ANOTHER Pokemon with 2 Max IVs. So.... it would take longer....)

    So yeah, I just told you the Friend Safari thing just for fun, but it's also something good to know....

    You're welcome! Happy breeding! (Oh god, that sounds a bit weird...)
    I can't use Pichu because he's not even found in the wild in X and Y. Riolu is, on Route 22, or in the fighting Friend Safari. However, he's "very rare" on Route 22 (which is also why I said this method may not be a short-cut). What you would need to do is catch a male Riolu and a female one such that all 6 stats are covered. For example, if the male had max IVs in HP, Attack, and Defense, the female should have max IVs in Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed.
    And then you'd evolve both of them and breed them together. BOTH of them must be holding Destiny Knots, meaning you would need 2 Destiny Knots as well. It may take you a few tries, but eventually, you'll have a 6 MAX IV Riolu. But you have to make sure you get a MALE Riolu (which is most likely anyway).

    And THAT Riolu, you then evolve, and breed with a FEMALE Shinx of yours that has a 31 (max) in AT LEAST ONE STAT (it doesn't matter which). The male Lucario (after Riolu's evolved) with the 6 maxed IVs must be holding a Destiny Knot, and the female Shinx must be holding an IV-passing down item (the items in that list I gave you), corresponding to its maxed stat. (So, if that female Shinx had 31 in Defense, for example, then you'd give it a Power Belt.) It may take about 6 tries (or a few more), but eventually...

    You'll get an egg with a SIX MAX IV SHINX!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

    This method may be more complex, and it may also take more time depending on how easy it is to find those Riolus.
    Ask me if you didn't understand something...
    Well, I think you know what egg groups are. Well, even if you don't, that's okay. Also, this "short-cut" may not actually be a short-cut if you already have Shinx with 2-3 max IVs.

    Basically, there's an egg group called the "Undiscovered" egg group, and the Pokemon in it are all Pokemon that CANNOT breed. This includes Baby Pokemon, Legendaries, and Nidorina and Nidoqueen (for some odd reason.) Pokemon from this egg group that are found in the wild, as of X and Y, are GUARANTEED TO HAVE 3 MAX IVS. Three of their stats will have 31 IVs. If you don't believe me, check your Xerneas/Yveltal/Mewtwo(*caught in X/Y only*), and they'll have 31 in three stats. But, how is that useful, if they can't even breed....?

    Aha, Baby Pokemon are also in this egg group, so that rule applies to them as well. Baby Pokemon can't breed either, BUT.... Their evolutions can.
    (I'm not sure if you know what exactly Baby Pokemon are or not, so here's a list of ALL of them)
    Mime Jr.

    The evolutions of these Pokemon are in other egg groups.... Shinx is in the "Field" egg group.. Pichu's evolutions (Pikachu and Riachu) as well as Riolu's evolution (Lucario), are also in this egg group. So, I'm gonna do an example with them. (continued...)
    (...continued from previous message)
    So what you have to do for getting a Pokemon with many perfect stats is use the Destiny Knot together with the EV enhancing items. Here's an example, let's say you have a male and female Shinx with these IVs (31 is the maximum IVs):

    HP 23
    A 18
    D 06
    SA 12
    SD 31 (perfect)
    Sp 16

    HP 14
    A 31 (perfect)
    D 26
    SA 03
    SD 15
    Sp 24

    You would give the male a Power Band and then put it in the Day Care, and you would give the female a Power Bracer and then put it in the Day Care. The offspring of these two will have TWO PERFECT IVs (with a 100% probability) in Attack and Special Defense. It may look as such:

    HP 15
    A 31 (perfect)
    D 28
    SA 18
    SD 31 (perfect)
    Sp 07

    Now, with this offspring, you don't want to give it an EV-enhancing item, because those only pass down ONE IV stat. So you'd give it a Destiny Knot instead. Keep in mind that Destiny Knot will pass down only 5 stats out of 6, so it's possible one of those perfect IVs won't be passed down, so you may have to breed about ~5/6. You'll breed this offspring with another Shinx of the opposite gender that has perfect IVs in another stat, e.g. Speed, for which you'd give it a Power Anklet. And then one of the offsprings may have THREE perfect IVs.

    And this would be repeated with more Shinx that have at least one perfect stat, for all 6 stats, and it may take time to get those Shinx in the first place. HOWEVER, I know of a good short-cut to this entire method, which I can tell you about later, after you understand what I've already said...

    Also, although I'm the one that called you "young grasshopper", I now have no doubt that you are older than me, not-so-young-grasshopper. :p
    Did you give the parents any items to hold? Natures (or "personalities") as well as IVs are inherited normally as well, but it's difficult without using held items.

    So here's a summary of the items that could help:

    EV-Enhancing items- the parent that hold one of these will pass down its IV stat of that item, so:
    -Power Weight, if held by one of the parents, will pass down that parent's HP IV.
    -Power Bracer passes down Attack if held
    -Power Belt passed down Defence
    -Power Lens- Sp. Attack
    -Power Band- Sp. Defence
    -Power Anklet- Speed
    Sadly, none of the items above can be found in X and Y except for at the Battle Maison. So, either you'll have to find a friend who has them who's willing to let you borrow them, or you'll have to go to the Battle Maison yourself to get BP and buy them.

    For Natures, you could use an Everstone. You can find these in Pokemon X and Y, and I believe you might already have one. If one parent hold an Everstone, that parent's nature is passed down to the offspring.

    Now, for the most important breeding item... The Destiny Knot. You find 2 of these in X and Y, when at Hotel Cyllage and one at Lumiose City. The effect of the Destiny Knot is... The parent who holds it will pass down FIVE of its 6 IVs to the offspring.

    (continued from below)

    Some Pokemon cannot breed, and these Pokemon are put into the "Undiscovered" egg group. In this group, there are the legendaries (except Manaphy and Phione, if you consider it one), Nidorina and Nidoqueen (unexpectedly, they can't breed, and nobody really knows why), the Unown, and Baby Pokemon (because they're babies). In Gen VI (i.e. X and Y), if any of these Pokemon are caught in the wild, they will have at least 3 max IVs. (This is not relevant to breeding, it's just a fun fact.) (I hope you know what IVs are, but even if you don't, it'll come up later. It's the actually the whole point of "breeding for stats", more commonly known as IV breeding. I think this is what you wanted to learn, but I wanted to start with the basics, in case you didn't already know them.)

    There are some Pokemon that have unusual offspring, but its pretty obvious why they're that way. The male Nidoran and its evolutions can produce EITHER the male or female Nidoran, and the female Nidoran (remember, its evolutions can't breed, but it can) can do the same. Also, breeding an Illumise can give either Illumise or Volbeat, and breeding a Volbeat can do the same.

    Anyway, after writing all this, I realized that Dolce also offered to help, so if you found this useful, reply back and I'll give Lesson Two: The Day Care and Inheritance, or you could ask Dolce for help instead. The choice is yours, young grasshopper.

    That is all, for now.
    Breeding, Lesson One: Egg Groups and Basics
    (I hope you're already familiar with this anyway, but I'll go ahead.)

    Like types, each Pokemon is part of one or two egg groups out of the 15 egg groups. These include Monster, Water 1, 2 and 3, Bug, Flying etc. It should be noted that egg groups are based mainly on the Pokemon's biology and not other factors, such as type. For example, not ALL the Pokemon in the "Bug" egg group are bug type, but MOST of them are. Also, Pokemon that you wouldn't normally think could breed together might be in the same egg group, like the infamous Skitty and Wailord, who are in the Field Egg group, or Seviper and Zangoose (who are thought to be rivals), who are also in the Field Egg group. Unlike types, Egg Group names are unofficial, although the groups themselves are programmed into the games.

    So, if you hadn't already guessed, Pokemon in the same egg group are able to breed with each other. If you bred two Pokemon of different species that are in the same egg group, the species of the egg Pokemon will be that of the first stage of the FEMALE parent's species. For example, a female Wailord with a MALE Skitty will produce a Wailmer. In the case of one of the parents being a Ditto, the species will always be of the other parent. Also, note how I said that it will be the FIRST STAGE of the female parent, because some Baby Pokemon are excluded. Munchlax is a baby Pokemon, so, for example, if you bred a Snorlax with a ditto, you'd get a Snorlax, not a Munchlax. To get baby Pokemon from breeding, you have to make the parent hold a specific "Incense". To get Munchlax in the previous example, you'd have to make the Snorlax hold a "Full Incense". Any Baby Pokemon that was introduced post-Gen II AFTER its evolution will require its parent to hold an incense for it to be bred.

    (continued above)
    Awesome, glad to hear shes enjoying it already. Mega Absol makes a mean baton passer.

    It's no problem, glad I could help.
    Hey there, saw your blog post asking about shiny Pokemon breeding but unable to post comments there for some reason.

    The normal rate for shiny Pokemon to appear in eggs is 1/8192 from Generation V, but it seems to have increased in XY. There is a method to increase that chance and that is by breeding using two Pokemon from different languages, known as the Masuda method.
    Masuda method - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
    Moreso because it's physically oriented on a Pokemon that is special-oriented. I'd dismiss the fighting type because it gives STAB for Aura Sphere, but Aura Sphere is special.
    As far as current shows go, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, MLP (I'm not a brony though, I like the show itself), TMNT, and The Legend of Korra. I know about Toonami but it's a bit too late at night for me to watch TV sadly. That's something about Anime anymore on American TV, either it's on late at night when most people are asleep, in time slots when people are usually doing things other than watching television, on channels you never even heard of or get on your cable/satellite service, or one or more of the above.

    (Total Drama is actually Canadian BTW, but is considered Western Animation regardless)
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