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  • Yes you should, but you should start out small, like with something simple, then go ahead from there.

    I don't really watch most anime to be honest, prefer American cartoons. I used to be big on anime until they ended Toonami.
    I draw Pokemon art if you didn't click the link already (not a big anime person, prefer western cartoons, hence my cartoonsh style), and it takes practice to draw something.
    I used to be a big fan of the Eeveelutions, but anymore I feel like they're too common at this point, and feel like they get too much attention compared to the majority of Pokemon (Lucario being no different), which is another reason why I like Floatzel because I feel Floatzel is under-appreciated in favor of more Eevee and Lucario. I don't HATE Eevee, don't get me wrong, I just get so bored of seeing them all the time.

    I don't use Facebook for personal reasons, but I do have a Skype (I'm Masterge77 there), as well as an account on DeviantART where I draw Pokemon art: Masterge77 on deviantART

    My email is private though, and I prefer not to give out my phone number.
    First off, I live in Ohio, and Floatzel has been my favorite since D/P came out, it's always appealed to me the most out of any Pokemon, I love it's design, plus I feel like Floatzel has a connection with me, like the Pokemon was made for me, plus I feel Floatzel fits my real-life personality.

    I'm not really a big fan of the Eeveelutions, no offense.
    Well, Quilladin wasn't what I was really expecting, as I was expecting an anthropomorphic armadillo for Chespin's evolution, as for Frogadier, he looks pretty cool. I like Braixen, but am also a bit disappointed in it. On the upside, it's not Fire/Fighting, and more importantly (at least to me), it's not a kitsune, since Ninetales is one of my favorite Pokemon, and having another fire kitsune would be off-putting to someone like me who's pro-Vulpix. On the downside is the fact that Braixen is biped, which, while at least makes the Fennekin family it's own thing distinct from Vulpix/Ninetales, the fact it's a bipedal canine makes me partly see it as a Lucario clone, with a bit of Dewott mixed in with the stick being used as a weapon like Dewott's shells.

    My final starter choice won't be decided until the final forms are out, to which we have 20 days left, for now my thoughts on the starters are mixed. I don't have a particular favorite in Gen 6 yet, since I usually wait until the games are out before I choose a favorite of a generation. When Gen 5 came out, the second I saw Mienshao it instantly locked it's slot as my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon overall, as you can probably tell by my icon and username, is Floatzel.
    I'm getting both games, but since the starter evolution's been revealed, I've been divided on what to choose. First forms wise I like Chespin, but the second stages I like Braxien more.
    I'm an adult Pokemon fan, and have been a fan of Pokemon for about 11 years now.

    I'm also a bit lonely too, most of the people here at college aren't Pokemon fans, either they outgrew it, or worse, they're genwunners, which makes me feel absolutely lonely.
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