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    Character customizations?

    Re: NO CUSTOMIZATION FOR ORAS [/] Well now that I've had a good cry and I'm back in the gym allow me to explain. (Because I was really upset! Lol!) For me, it's not just about changing cloths. I can remember when I was playing gold and silver wondering why I couldn't be a girl. Then Crystal...
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    Character customizations?

    NO CUSTOMIZATION FOR ORAS Soooo...if you didn't know... No trainer customization in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Game Freak keen on keeping random encounters - Nintendo Everything soooo, yeah. No character customization any more. Now I will rant a bit so bear with me. If you ask me...
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    Speculation X &Y Costume shop?

    Since halloween is coming up I was wondering if Pokemon might do a special promotion where you can buy costumes from the Pokemon X & Y Kalos shops. What do you think about that idea? What Costumes would they sell at the shops? And what costume do you plan to wear, if any, for halloween? I'm...
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    Play as the Opposite Gender?

    For me I was always upset when I would play a Pokemon game and I couldn't be a girl. granted I was a protagonist going on a journey but in my eyes it was me on the Pokemon journey so I should be me and I am a girl. Lol! So for me when crystal came out with the option of being a boy or a girl...
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    Spoilers Character Redesigns: Yay or Nay?

    I'm not to bothered by the redesigns, I really like Steve's, Team Aqua and Team Magma's redesigns. Still hoping for Character Customizing for this next gen.
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    As much as I enjoyed seeing Sceptile, Gallade and Altaria getting megas my favorite so far has been Lopunny. I love its scrappy ability and it's looks. Gonna have one on my team for sure!
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    Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari/Code Sharing Thread **READ THE OP**

    Hello! ^-^ I added you to my friends list. I love shinx so your luxio safari will greatly help me!
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    Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari/Code Sharing Thread **READ THE OP**

    My friend safari is fairy: togepi, clafairy and red flower floette. My code is on my profile. ^-^ I'm looking for a riolu safari, let me know if you have one!
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    Character customizations?

    Oh I do hope customization of pc will stick around. I'm actually worried that maybe they'll take it away on this Gen. But its been such a big success it would be ashamed if they did. I look forward to new boutiques with new hoenn fashions!
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    Which Pokemon will you have on your team?

    Re: What Pokemon will be in your team? Other than Swampert it's whatever. I know I want breloom but since I'm sure there will be new stat changes and such my team will be subject to constant change.
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    Which Hoenn starter will you choose?

    Mudkip is the only one for me! *^-^*
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire announced: Will be released November 2014

    Re: Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire announced: Will be released November 2 It finally happened! You have no idea how happy I am about this you guys! :-) this was the best news I've had all day. I was so excited I couldn't stop squealing for a whole 30 minutes. and funny enough I was...
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    GEN VI: Wanted: a shiny swablu

    Does anyone have a shiny swablu with good or great overall stats. I know it's a tall order. I have pokes to offer and shinys. Message me and I'll see what I can do for ya! ^-^
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    bulbagarden & my phone

    Hey you guys! Is there any way to make this site more mobile compatable? I can't even place a sufix while trying to post for a pokemon I want. I don't know why it's like that but it makes it hard to post.
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    GEN VI: Seeking Shiny Stone

    Do you have a shiny swablu with good stats?