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  • Good luck with the shiny breeding! Btw, get the Shiny Charm, it will increase the chance of shinies. Only problem is that you need to complete the National Pokedex (that's having every pokemon except for event legendaries).
    Yes, people prefer 5 IVs because most pokemon usually don't use one stat (like Espeon, it has an extremely low Attack stat, so its useless).
    Now, let me explain what the Destiny Knot does:

    Let's say, you a 6IVs male Eevee and a 6IVs female Eevee

    Male Eevee Female Eevee
    HP - 31 IVs HP - 31 IVs
    Attack - 31 IVs Attack - 31 IVs
    Defense - 31 IVs Defense - 31 IVs
    Special Attack - 31 IVs Special Attack - 31 IVs
    Special Defense - 31 IVs Special Defense - 31 IVs
    Speed - 31 IVs Speed - 31 IVs

    What Destiny Knot does is, it will pick 5 random stats from both the male Eevee and the female Eevee and the baby will have those IVs:

    Baby Eevee
    HP - 31 IVs - from the father
    Attack - 12 IVs - from neither parents
    Defense - 31 IVs - from the mother
    Special Attack - 31 IVs - from the mother
    Special Defense - 31 IVs - from the father
    Speed - 31 IVs - from the father
    Let me explain IVs in detail:

    A pokemon can have a max of 186 IVs, that's 31 X 6 (for each stat), a perfect 6IV Eevee is like this:

    HP - 31 IVs
    Attack - 31 IVs
    Defense - 31 IVs
    Special Attack - 31 IVs
    Special Defense - 31 IVs
    Speed - 31 IVs

    The judge (the guy with the purple hair) will list the stats that have the most IVs, in care of your Shiny Eevee the stat that has the most IVs is HP with 31 IVs.

    For a 6 IV, he would list every stat and say "they can't be beat".
    Your Shiny Flareon doesn't have a single stat with 31 IVs, it has between 26 to 30 IVs in Speed.

    Your Shiny Eevee has 31 IVs only in HP, all the other stats don't have 31 IVs.

    Your Shiny Eeevee only one stat with 31 IVs, it's only 1IV.
    Actualy, IVs and natures don't matter if you are not into competitive battling (battling against another human players), IVs and natures matter the most in competitive battling.

    But people in this forum only trade for IVs and natures, even if they are not into competitve battling, so it's better to have some Pokemon with perfect IVs and natures to trade around the forum.
    It was a lot of information to take in, sorry xD Pokemon is rather complex for a game that it's targeted at a younger audience. I'm gonna start breeding for a Jolteon tomorrow, will warn you if i get some extra Eevees.
    Don't worry, it took me a while to get the hang of it, you'll get there.

    Individual values - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia just read it to get some more clearity.

    Btw, i'm going to breed a Jolteon and will probably get some extra Eevees, i can give you some to help with your thread.
    The parents don't have to be shiny to breed for shinies, just a regular one with a regular foreign and it will have an higher chance to breed a shiny pokemon. Just have one hold the Everstone to pass the nature and the other holding Destiny Knot and you can breed for a perfect shiny. I don't suggest this though, it takes a long time.
    The parents don't have to be shiny to breed for perfect IVs, it just takes a long time to get a shiny with 5 stats with 31 IVs.
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