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  • I still need a good reason~

    But if you did that, I would need a ton of information to balance out the movepool. Can't have a Gary/Mary Stu/Sue.
    I'll have you know that I can be a little harsh towards those who break the RP's rules. Sorry if I come off as a bit pushy.
    Oh hey, if you're looking for an interesting RP with an unpredictable plot, have you seen Split Ends? The sign-ups are currently open and it's a good RP. I'm currently in it XD
    I appreciate the thought, but it's more of me procrastinating actually ^_^" lol
    Do you draw? Or write stories? I think you'd be really good at writing stories :)
    Good afternoon, I seem to be in a streak of late replies, sorry.
    I plan to draw a pic with all of the characters from True Strength in it if I ever get the inspiration (and patience, which I have none of) to do so.
    Hmm. Type of RP? I'd have to say anything with an interesting plot, one that is interesting to me, and also has a sensible GM and creativity involved. What would you say is your criteria? My RP could fall into many categories.
    Hello! No, it's my third, though the other two are dead. (You joined one of them, The Bond, remember? XD) The first one was a different Mystery Dungeon one, but a more basic one.
    That's an excellent idea! I can never be creative when I need to be, and you're right about everyone expecting it XD Alright, I'll do something like that soon then. Thank you!
    You do :) You're very nice
    I'm more of a pessimist in some ways, but then again I'm not really sure XD Sometimes I can be optimistic. I'm a part of that little group of people that everyone thinks is weird lol.
    Aaannnyyyyway, change of topic XD, Have you got any ideas for what could happen in between the main areas? We'll be stopping at a few towns possibly along the way, but I think the RP would be pretty shallow if we just walked, got a plate, walked, got a plate, walked... Any suggestions? I was thinking we could get into a fight with some random pokemon allied with Darkrai.
    You don't have to tell me if it's personal XD Everyone's different on the internet than in real life at least a little bit. I'm probably a bit nicer here than in real life, and I've got more time to think about what I say which is good.
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