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  • The ceiling~ Hmm, I woke up feeling absolutely nothing.
    Except an urge to get on the computer and role-play :)
    I am also drawing some horrified Audino in my sketchbook (aka school notebook that I started doodling in XD)
    Alright then :3 Can't wait to see when that is. She's a tough little Eevee and I don't know what would change her mind! XDD
    Rosezero0 had the idea to bring in the pokemon that were owned by the trainers who were transformed into pokemon. I took that idea and expanded it so that all the human characters could do it even if they weren't trainers.
    That's completely fine. It's not required at all.
    I'll try to think of a way I can, I'm just not really sure of how, that's all. You'll see why when I post, but if you've got an idea of how you can do it as well, go ahead and suggest.
    It's just that the whole thing involves creating new characters, so I don't know if you'll even want to do it, actually.
    It's not so much the plot as getting involved in another aspect of the RP, just one more thing that'll be going on in it.
    You still can play just Autumn, it just means you won't be able to use the plot mechanic... you know, it's not extremely important, at least not until I come up with some way to make them important, so that's fine. You can read and judge for yourself, of course. Now, I shall go make the post.
    No problem, they're really excellent ideas. I can't wait to use them in the RP but for now, we have to be patient for a bit while I work out a few other things.
    Also, not to pressure you or anything, but are you sure you don't want to create a human character? There's something I'm about to announce on the the Discussion Thread that is only for human characters... actually, you can read it when I post it before you decide XD
    Well, here's how. Go to the group page. Once there, click on "Group Tools" to the upper right of the page. One of the first options on the drop-down menu is "Join Group." Just click on that and you're in!
    I don't see any of my comments deleted on your page; I think you just deleted one of your comments from my page XD I dunno, maybe I'm missing something
    You're welcome! And thank you! I love to use him in a lot of roleplays to try and bring someone who can have interesting interactions with others. I find him fun to use.
    The colors? Above the typing area, directly right of the B I U buttons, there's one that says A. Click the arrow underneath and select a color, and the HTML code for that color will automatically appear. Or you can just say [noparse][/noparse] or whatever color you want, most simple colors work there.
    For size, you can say [ size=1][/ size] to make it smaller, make the number bigger for bigger text, and size 2 is the normal size on the forum. :)
    Yep, always. You can check the sign-up thread if you ever forget!
    Oh, I forgot to mention that Willow and Rose are both wild pokemon. Of course I remember everyone's but my own XD
    I'm interested to see what Autumn's going to be doing throughout the RP, she's turning out to be quite an interesting character so far and you're doing well roleplaying realistically with her! :)
    Yep! There's a few.
    Lucius made Yvette (Growlithe)
    JustAnotherLeafeon made Dylan (Wartortle)
    The rest were transformed humans, I think.
    Yes I guess I did expect DARK to make it a bit obvious. I tend to put a kind of moral focus on my RPs. This one is about whether pokemon can really be controlled or if they are deadly monsters. LoD is about imortality. EXO was about doing what you need to survive. Decolonized was similair to EXO, but more on living with nature to survive and some focus on pokemon being able to more than just fight.
    2nd reminder. you haven't posted since the twenty forth Glaceon. You've already been left behind in pallet town.
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