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    REVIEW: New series: Initial thoughts

    I think there is one huge thing this anime has going it: Ash and Go's relationship. In fact, the characterization is good all around. The problem is not much has happened so far.
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    Caption the Screenshot! (V2)

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    PREVIEW: SS005: Kabigon Became Gigantic!? The Mystery of Daimax!!

    By having Go realize he is not going to get anywhere in his quest unless he drops his "Mew first" policy and accepts Scorbunny as his starter. I am looking forward to that subplot.
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    REVIEW: SS003: Fushigisou, Isn't it Mysterious?

    I am concerned the rental Pokeballs is going to be the symptom of a bigger problem for this series: That Pokemon team building will be next to non-existent. Based on summaries for upcoming episodes, Go is more interesting in collecting Pokemon than using them and for all we know, Ash is just...
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    PREVIEW: SS006: Catch a Lot of Pokemon! The Path to Mew!!

    Had we ever had a companion that was this capture happy before? Most of the ones I remember were like Ash in that they rarely caught any Pokemon and the ones they did catch would be part of their team, be it for performance or battle. Go seems like the kind of trainer to send them back to the...
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    Caption the Screenshot! (V2)

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    Yasushi Nishiya
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    REVIEW: SS001: Pikachu is Born!

    These replicated scenes from the very first episode give a good idea on how much the art style has changed over the years. View: https://twitter.com/lslonelyshadow/status/1196207186243964928?s=20
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    NEWS: Pocket Monsters (2019) Opening 1 "One, Two, Three"

    The opening seems to suggest that while Koharu isn't a travelling companion, she is at least the most important supporting character along with her dad.
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    REVIEW: SS001: Pikachu is Born!

    It's funny. I should be upset that it doesn't concentrate on Pikachu's backstory all that much... but I'm not. In fact, the reason for this episode existing now makes sense. It does an effective job at showing why Go is so obsessed with capturing Mew. I also like that Koharu was there as well...
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    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    Fighting over who gets the top bunk. Go and Ash really are brothers. :p
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    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    We see her hanging out with two girls with the same outfit and they do look like school uniforms.
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    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    I love Go's reaction to Meowth. Usually, a new companion would just go, "Huh, a talking Meowth?" Here, Go screams in surprise. :LOL:
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    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    Apparently, Go's androgynous appearance is intentional. What is that suppose to mean? Can someone translate that Daiki Yamashita interview to get the context?
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    PREVIEW: SS001: Pikachu is Born!

    While Ikue Ōtani is famous as Ash's Pikachu, a lot of people don't realize that she doesn't voice ALL the Pikachu or the evolution line in general. As far as I can tell, the only other time she has done so was for the mirror universe version of Ash's Pikachu. Any other Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu...