• Snowy faces off against Nessa. Watch here as he flounders around a bit against the Water type specialist.
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  • Yeah, I'd actually found a pretty good RaikouSnagShipping (multichaptered!) fic, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't been updated in over like two years. -sigh-
    Yep, I know which CipherShipping fic you're talking about. That one sorta made me depressed for a while, since I'd been in a similar situation once. Bahaha.
    I myself loved the GameCube, and still do. Although it's mainly because I'm a Nintendo junkie. Heh. I still get urges to play Pokemon Colosseum/XD and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Haha.
    Okie doke. Great! I hope you enjoy it. =)
    You may or may not have already read it, but if you haven't, just know that it's AMAZING. Very well-written, and the characters aren't OOC...at all, really. Lots of Ein as well. Haha. :D
    Is it Raikousnagshipping? That's usually the most popular one with him in it. I'm actually a fan of Ciphershipping (EinxVenus). I love both of those characters. ^^ And after all, they were the only two Cipher Admins that interacted throughout the entire game. Hehe.
    I love Wes as well. I really wish there would be another game with him as the protagonist. He's one of my favorite protagonists in the entire Pokemon series. Are you a fan of the sidekick, Rui? ^^ I don't hate her like some people do, but she's not really one of my favorites. Overall, I don't mind her. Oh, and yes, you just can't hate Miror B. :3 Heh.
    Wow, really? That's odd. You'd never guess, considering the serious lack of fandom for the game. Speaking of that, do you like to read fanfictions? If you do, you should take a gander at this if you get the chance:
    You're welcome. =) I know. The first time I played the game when I was around 13 years old, I had the biggest crush on him. Haha. Now I just think he's awesome. Colosseum in general needs more love. I guess most Pokemon fans just couldn't get used to the different plotline...=/
    Hard 'n Fast is usually a good strategy for any in-game battle. Though if ur Anti-Snorlax mon is only lvl 25, u have a helluva lot of work to do ;P
    I suppose defeating him with 60s would be possible...if they were EV/IV trained. But I find all that stuff to be too much trouble.

    Well, I should probably go to bed now...It was a pleasure talking to u tonight. Ttyl and goodnight!
    Ah well, at least Lonz's identity was cleared up in the end.

    I find Fighting types to be too limited to make part of my active party. I did rather like using Hitmonlee back in Crystal, though...
    Well, as they say, theres more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case, a Snorlax.Making sure Snorlax is his last Pokemon, then Perish Song and swapping out guarantees a KO in 3 turns. A Gallade would do quite well against it, though. What moves does Lonz know?

    Yeah, the USB cost $70, but ive found it to be well worth it.
    Oh I thought u mentioned two Gallade...my mistake :p
    I cant really remember how I beat Red...It was a while ago. I know I had my Reptos (Sceptile) take out Pikachu with Dig, and he also dealt with Blastoise. I remember my Echo (Exploud) having quite a drawn-out battle with Venusaur, and Orion (Starmie) had no trouble with Charizard. I cant remeber how Lapras fell, but I used Missy (Misdreavus) to Perish Song the Snorlax. I might have had Razor (Fearow) there too...but shes not very strong.

    I have the same problem with Wifi. I managed to find a USB Transmitter though.
    Seems like a pretty solid team u have ther! But...why two Gallade? Isnt one enough? I think the only use to Gallades Fighting type is to eliminate the Bug and Dark weaknesses of a Psychic type. Unless u teach it Sky Uppercut or something...
    I do that! If I need to quickly level something, I trade it to another game. Sure, they hate u afterwards, but who really cares?
    Well, Pokemon should be a priority in everyones life! I dont play SS anymore, though...I beat Red with an egg in my party, and a lvl 70-something Misdreavus as my strongest. U should do fine. What do u use?

    Ah dA? Ill be sure to check it out. U couldnt post a link, though? No biggy if u cant...
    Yeah, kinda...only as far as I know, u cant go back to Cocoon. And I cant find any Chocobos either...but its fun doing monster hunts.
    Awesome! What do u wanna do at uni?
    The game certainly opens up after chapter 10. Its no longer linear levels. Pulse stretches miles in every direction.
    So u live at home with ur parents? Cool...what else do u do?
    Haha dont worry, I was just wondering what state ur in...Im in WA.
    Haha grinding on Pulse isnt pretty. It has Silver Lobos that r bigger than Behemoths running around. Running across the grasslands looks pretty though.
    U got a new TV? Nice how much did that set u back? And, er...where abouts in Aus r u?
    Ah very nice! I quite enjoyed Palumpolum, at least the parts where u play as Snow. Im on Gran Pulse. Ive only just arrived, but I have all Eidolons except Vanilles. I tell ya what, though, grind as much as u can before hitting Pulse. Its freakin hard. :p
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