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  • Well, the only person I can think of that could be somewhat similar to Hel would be Ghetsis (with his completely black right arm). Their genders are different, but that's a trivial difference. Hel rules the underworld known by the same name, and of course, Ghetsis is best represented by the The Devil arcana (and he had N's Castle built underground!). I think Ghetsis did want to try re-creating the original dragon with Kyurem + Reshiram/Zekrom...but we all know how that turned out. Maybe the main antagonist of X and Y will try to succeed where Ghetsis failed.

    I think Nidhoggr and the Midgard Serpent are two separate beings, since their articles don't mention each other.
    I don't know if the Original Dragon would be the snake in that picture. I can't see Reshiram and Zekrom splitting from a creature like that. However, it's possible that Reshiram and Zekrom started out as separate beings, and were fused into a creature that was never meant to exist. It's interesting that the tree is called the "World Tree," since I believe the Original Dragon would best fit with The World arcana. In some versions of the The World card, there's an ouroboros, which is a symbol depicting a serpent/snake biting it's own tail (a symbol commonly found in alchemy). If the roots of the tree are keeping Nidhoggr from the world, then maybe Reshiram and Zekrom were never meant to be fused with one another.

    Plus the whole concept of fusion fits in with the games being named X and Y. Not just fusion of the futuristic kind, but also fusion in regards to alchemy and the "creation" of new life. Guess which symbol is commonly associated with Chinese alchemy? Oh, this looks familiar!

    Also, the only person who can control Nidhoggr, Hel, is described as being half-black and half-flesh coloured. Coincidence?

    Just by clicking around on Wikipedia, I'm finding all these weird little connections. I think you're right about this region being the Johto to Unova's Kanto. This could make for an interesting blog entry. :p
    I don't know. I'm still in shock right now lol. I need more time to process this. The 3D-look is a bit jarring, and will take some getting used to.

    I know what you mean about the Original Dragon, though. Now that the region looks like it's based off of Europe, I'm finding myself halfheartedly wishing that the leftover plot threads of B/W would somehow get resolved in these games. But that's probably just a pipe dream now.
    I don't know how Shadow the Hedgehog handled things, but since the theme would be determinism versus free will, I think that having a canon path wouldn't necessarily undermine the other paths. The player would have a choice whether or not to stay on the pre-determined path.
    Exactly. The focus on the player's free will could lead to the badge quest becoming optional. Picking a version would be a choice as always, but this time the version differences might be profound. Difficulty settings would be a choice, as would DLC add-ons. The story might feature multiple paths.
    Oh my god you've no idea how sick I am of all the people screaming for Gen III remakes. I wish they would ban any discussion of Gen III...but that won't happen lol.
    Truth & Ideals were very good but they could go deeper if they wanted to.
    They certainly could go deeper, but after B2W2 I have concerns about just how much they really care about the story. My preferred theme would be determinism and free will, but I fear that's asking for too much.
    I have no idea. I guess I want something different from Gen V, which, in terms of the plot, had this heavy, dark feeling. So I want something light-hearted for a change. Maybe something similar to Gen II. As much as I love Gen V, it really wore me out.

    I'm not really excited at all, though...at least not yet. I don't get why people are pissing themselves over some vague announcement. I'm waiting until we actually see Gen VI, not just hear about it.
    My expectations for the anime have always been pretty low. I'm not sure if they can handle a character like N, but we'll see.
    Thanks for taking notice of my post.

    I know that we shouldn't really look forward for that, knowing Game Freak; but at least Virgil's Eevee gives us a little bright glimmer of hope (just look at my conversation with Silktree on why it is).
    Right now, I'm just entertaining the idea of a Wii game, but given how Game Freak has handled things in the past generation, I wouldn't be surprised if Genesect is simply going to be released without any event.
    I don't know how the original dragon would be handled. I am mystified by the fact that Game Freak didn't even make a point of saying that Black/White Kyurem is a step toward the return of the original dragon. It is definitely feasible to make that interpretation, but just what is the significance of the original dragon? Should Reshiram and Zekrom not exist separately? They can obviously co-exist in harmony. As a matter of fact, we don't even know that the Abyssal Ruins king fused them; it seems that he preferred one dragon over the other, and yet he still united the land.

    It's just a garbled mess. I'm afraid that I don't quite care anymore; I like it when theories make sense, and Game Freak have made that virtually impossible in this case. I will say that if the original dragon is going to be introduced in the next generation, then it should be the titular character in Movie 16 (Genesect is obviously going to receive the Victini treatment).
    Just for the record, I wrote that post before Bluesun translated the altered Abyssal Ruins text. I no longer believe that the Abyssal Ruins are connected to another region; Unova's history is so full of holes that I don't see how Game Freak can expand on it. That does not mean that the original dragon can't be introduced, but I wouldn't expect to understand its true origin. The Ruins of Alph are unlikely to have anything to do with Unova. What I was getting at is that Game Freak might choose to introduce the original dragon in an unrelated region, since technically there is no evidence that it is connected to the Dragon Village.

    I haven't written a blog entry that collects all my thoughts on the Unown mystery, although I intend to do so at some point. For now, I'll just say that we know that the Sinjoh Ruins are located in the region lying north to Kanto. If there is any story that has been known of for years and yet nothing concrete is actually known about it, it is the story of the Unown. Even though this could be previously extrapolated by the Crystal references and the appearance of Unown in the Sevii Islands and Sinnoh, HGSS spelled out the reason for why the mystery is currently unsolvable: There is more to the Unown than the Ruins of Alph and Johto. In the past, the Unown lived with a human clan in the Ruins of Alph. At some point in history, the ones who wished for the Unown and humans to again coexist were forced to leave to protect the Unown, and we know where they went: the mountains where they built the Sinjoh Ruins with help from the people who had built the Spear Pillar. It is unknown what brought the two clans together to build a temple for Arceus, but this probably has to do with the underlying relationship between Arceus and the Unown, which goes back to the beginning of the universe.
    Yes omg B/W's plot was totally a step in the right direction...only for B2/W2 to be two steps backwards. I wish there was some way to do B/W's plot justice, because these sequels are definitely not it.

    A Wii 3D game would be pretty epic, but highly unlikely, unfortunately.
    If they did make it a trilogy, it'd be too little too late. They should've been able to resolve the plot in these sequels, but I guess they just couldn't deal with it. I'm not sure if I want to see it resolved in the Gen VI games, either.

    The game does look nice, though. But that only counts for so much.
    Aw come on you aren't spamming me. :p

    Honestly, I don't know if I'll actually get B2/W2. I still have a few months to decide anyways. It's so depressing how much of the plot they've neglected. I'm not sure if there's anything we don't know yet that could redeem these games.
    They shouldn't revisit it anytime soon. Frankly, that's just asking for more disappointment, and way too much repetition.
    Yeah, as long as Hilbert/Hilda make a proper appearance in the second region, I won't complain.
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