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  • Since Memory Link affects Game Sync even in Black and White, I can't see why that would be the case unless some sort of transfer were involved. The phrasing - "inheriting the save file" - is also quite telling.

    At least that justifies why the World Tournament is situated in Unova rather than a neutral region.
    Using a new feature called "Memory Link," you can connect to the opposite version of your game and get Black City or White Forest depending on which one you don't have by default.
    I sincerely hope this is just an added benefit, as opposed to being the extent of the feature.
    N gives the player a Zorua in Driftveil City? Were they trying to troll us when they said that no one knew where he was? Oh well, we knew that he was going to return to Unova during the badge quest, anyway.
    The second guidebook deals with the post-game story, World Tournament, Pokéwood and Game Freak's character and setting documents. That makes it unlikely that there will be another battle facility. If to be honest, that's a good thing because it should hopefully mean that the post-game story will be rich in content.
    It's confirmed that the World Tournament is south of Driftveil City, but that doesn't matter. I do wonder if there will be another battle facility outside Unova, though.
    Actually, the obvious place for the World Tournament is the new stadium south of Driftveil. I am not convinced that it's there, but something certainly is.

    There is a small chance that Shizui's tropical town is a heavily redesigned Undella. But I highly doubt it for several reasons.
    Of course I do. I mean, absolutely nothing has changed, and we know that the city from the animated trailer is not Virbank and the new city in northeastern Unvoa is almost definitely the tropical town that has Shizui's gym.
    For those who haven't played B/W, they could just have a pre-programmed default team (including Reshiram/Zekrom) for Hilbert/Hilda.
    It wouldn't just have to be certain events. They could be available for most of the post-game, where you could alternate between playing as the B2/W2 player character and Hilbert/Hilda at different points in the story.

    And for Hilbert/Hilda's Pokemon team, you could choose five Pokemon from your B/W save data, along with Reshiram/Zekrom which would be required for the story. It could be something similar to cloning, so that the Pokemon would still be on your B/W cartridge.
    I think there's a small chance we may get another animated trailer tomorrow, since tomorrow will be exactly one month since the last trailer came out. If I remember correctly, Coro Coro came out shortly before that, and the trailer sort of made up for Coro Coro's lackluster coverage. Maybe they're trying to rely on other forms of media besides Coro Coro to promote the games.
    Uh yeah..."perfect" Pokedex. That irks me a little. I mean it won't be perfect anyways once Gen VI debuts. >_>
    I had a theory that the boat ride to another region is plot related (Team Plasma does attack your boat), and traveling back and forth after the plot is over with won't be done by boat, but possibly by plane. It would be quicker, or even an alternative just like the magnet train was to the S.S Aqua in G/S/C/HG/SS.
    That analogy has occurred to me, as well. In fact, I assume that the ship will be a one-time event, unlike the S.S. Aqua. I'm just wondering if the ship event will take place before the league, but even if that is the case, I assume that we'll at least have all badges by then as Opelucid isn't even covered in ice and we will obviously have met Shizui by the time we depart from Unova.

    What's the significance of Cheren and the rival following the player to the second region? What about Hilbert/Hilda? Actually, I'm even slightly bothered by Bianca's absence.
    Rhode Island? It's a state that may not be far from New York, but isn't too close, either. Am I missing something?

    There is some possibility that there is a new area in north-eastern Unova under the ice. But the boat appears to leave from the Undella area, so the route would be very short if that were the case. Why not just go to such an area by foot (despite the ice) or even by surfing? Also, what would be the point of another port city in Unova? There are already two of them, and Driftveil somewhat counts, as well.

    I'm amazed that we're ones of the few people discussing the new city. I don't expect everyone to agree that a new region is likely, but a new city? It seems inevitable at this point.
    I think that Hiougi City is based on Elizabeth while Homika's city is based on Jersey City.
    Yeah, I was thinking the same. It fits with Silktree's theory about the new region being based off of Britain. I'll be happy if it turns out to be true.
    Perhaps we should focus our efforts on eliminating a new Unova location. Let's look around New York.
    Here's a picture of the Portsmouth Harbor. Nevermind - that's a different place in the U.S. The problem is that there are probably many port cities with English-style buildings...
    It's Yokohama itself. They just took a photo of the English-style buildings they happened to have come across.

    I'll use Google Earth to get some ideas. Liverpool and Portsmouth were my first guesses, and they're certainly possible.
    What city is that?

    I've been thinking of a region based on the vicinity of London. But so far I haven't found a port city that looks remarkably similar to the one in the video.
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