• Magnificent Entertainer barges into the Pastoria Gym, intent on getting his fifth Badge. Watch here as he chases some Team Galactic dingbat and yells at the police again.
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  • So do I.

    By the way, have you noticed that the intro not only shows both Reshiram and Zekrom, but also Black and White Kyurem in the background? This suggests that we'll see Kyurem in both Formes, even though we will probably only have access to one of them depending on the version. This is good news for anyone who wants to see the Abyssal Ruins prophecy fulfilled.
    Prior to the actual announcement, yes. It made a lot of people upset, although I didn't mind because I had expected remakes rather than a new generation.
    I am not pessimistic, but I'm a little worried that the things that make me optimistic may just be in my head. I would hate to have my expectations lowered with every piece of new information.
    The sprites in these games don't seem any different, and although there are new locations, the graphics don't actually look more polished compared to Black and White. This actually makes me glad because it implies that the story was prioritized over aesthetics.

    Perhaps there will be two Plasma factions with different aims. One will want to make Unova completely technlogical, and the other one, led by Ghetsis, will stick to their medieval ways. The new grunts are from the first faction. In Black 2, the 'high-tech' faction will appear in eastern Unova and will have made most of the locations look like Black City; the old faction will meet the player in western Unova. In White 2 this will be reversed, with Village Bridge, Lacunosa Town and White Forest mostly being preserved, but the other locations in the east will be re-designed to look medieval.
    Since even the player character will get to speak in the new movie feature, my fears about Hilbert/Hilda not speaking have been alleviated.
    I'm rather hoping that there are two factions of Team Plasma, just as there are two sides of Unova. I wouldn't mind it if the first faction did turn out to have a connection to Team Rocket.
    Nothing has been revealed about their relation, but at least the battle video disproves the theory that Overdrive is just an animation. We don't what it does yet, but surely it is significant to the battle if the Formes change their appearance for more than just a few seconds (which never seemed likely to me). It deserves to be mentioned that the wasted turn isn't seen in the video or mentioned in the text. Are they trying to make the moves look good or are they really?

    The new grunts don't really remind of the Shadow Triad, and they're certainly not what I had in mind for the soldiers. But I did assume that the serious side of Team Plasma would be reserved for eastern Unova.
    Lol I didn't mean that Team Rocket would return. Only that Team Plasma's uniforms seem to be inspired by Team Rocket, if they are Plasma remnants.
    Sure, I don't mind taking requests.

    I don't know who the people in black are. They all have red hair, so that points to Plasma remnants. But the black outfits remind me more of Team Rocket than the Shadow Triad. Which would be ironic, considering how Team Plasma criticized Team Rocket for being too flashy.
    We could see Reshiram and Zekrom as lifeless statues. Not only did Kyurem steal their energy, but Team Plasma separated them from their owners.

    The only thing that bothers about giving Hilbert/Hilda a really extensive role is that it would require characterizing them quite definitively. I would like that, but it would be a glaring change considering that the player has always been silent and even NPC Red was. Of course, the opposite-gender characters in Hoenn, Sinnoh and HGSS could talk, but they were very different than the actual player characters.
    I think that having Hilbert/Hilda be involved in the Abyssal Ruins climax and the Puzzle Cube event would be satisfying. In addition to this, they could also be the new Champion, which would explain keeping the League for the very end.

    I still think that Opelucid City needs to be accessible somehow without traversing eastern Unova. I wonder why Iciruss City is even obscured. Perhaps we will go there normally and it will be our first taste of the major changes.
    Why is it very unlikely? Save for the part where we would play as Hilbert and Hilda again.
    I think that the obscured parts of Unova won't feature any Gyms; collecting 8 badges in western Unova should be the key to taking a plane to that new location east of Entralink. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a new route to Opelucid City, despite that place not being hidden. I don't know how exactly we'll collect 8 badges before entering the mysterious side of the region (there also needs to be another new gym somewhere), but it is definitely possible and the alternative wouldn't make much sense (it would make the current map random). I wouldn't be surprised if Brycen moved his gym to one of the ice mountains, although I'd rather see a new Dark gym.

    I'd imagine that the Pokémon League won't be accessible for quite some time and might even be optional (much like battling Alder was optional). Do you remember how fans mistook the sidequest with the six Sages for a battle-oriented challenge? This time there should be challenge in eastern Unova - a group of Team Plasma knights who would be stronger than the Gym Leaders. As for the location, it is hard to speculate about any new ones, but what if the entirety of eastern Unova looked like Village Bridge? That is, the style would be medieval to suggest that Team Plasma has conquered that part of Unova. If you remember my blog entry, then you can probably tell that I'm just reiterating my idea for N's faraway region, but you can't blame me for not giving up.
    I'm more inclined to assume that Ghetsis will be defeated first before N fulfills the prophecy, and afterwards Akuroma will try to avenge his father's loss. I don't think Akuroma would have any reason to be bitter at his father for using N as his puppet, who wasn't actually intended to be the king. But if the prophecy is fulfilled, N will be the king through and through, which would make Akuroma livid if I'm right about him.
    I also feel Ghetsis should stay as the main threat, but let's remember that N was supposed to be the main threat of Black and White, and then by a plot twist Ghetsis revealed his true colors. Well, this time around we won't be wondering about Ghetsis if we see him again, so there should be a different surprise. It wouldn't make Akuroma the true leader of Team Plasma, even though Ghetsis would have been defeated by then. A week ago I theorized that Ghetsis might have an heir, since N was always a puppet to him. Well, what if Akuroma turned out to be Ghetsis' son? He would try to trick the player but more importantly N, whom he would loathe as much as Ghetsis does.
    Indeed. Akuroma should be the key to sorting out the Kyurem problem, but can he be trusted? I wonder if Akuroma would only cooperate so that he could reap the fruits, at which point the player would stop him.

    I'm assuming that the Puzzle Cube will only be unlocked via Wi-Fi or a movie promotion, and in that case requiring both versions would be excessive. Instead, I think it should be inferred that the event would be happening simultaneously in both universes. The original dragon existed prior to the universe split, so even though it is probably impossible to merge the two worlds, it would be plausible for the original dragon to act as a bridge of some kind. The event might even have the player cross over to the parallel universe, or perhaps the events would actually be proven to be simultaneous by using the DS' lower screen to show a second version of the same event. I like to think that Hilbert and Hilda don't actually live in the same world, but rather, they are doppelgangers of each other (which is why they never met outside the Battle Subway, which was completely unrelated to the story). This duality would also apply to the new protagonists.
    As for the original dragon, I can only hope that there will be a hidden event for it involving the Puzzle Cube. In that case, the player, N and Hilbert/Hilda might work together to restore the original dragon. The obvious possibility is to fuse the three dragons, but that is not implied by the Puzzle Cube being said to contain a TV that broadcasts a Pokémon. I think that at least for this event the parallel universes should finally be acknowledged as a story element, and if that were to happen, the Puzzle Cube would in some sense fuse the player's Kyurem with the Kyurem from the opposite version.

    This would make the new protagonist the owner of the original dragon, but it could be done in such a way that N and Hilbert/Hilda would be equally involved in the event.
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