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  • The new protagonists look fine, but I'm never picky about aesthetics. I have doubts about the rival having a unique story, though.

    There is of course a chance that new characters will fulfill the prophecy, but aside from the gender issue and the general distastefulness (what makes them more special than their predecessors?), there is another problem: Wouldn't it be awkward for the player character to get crowned? Since Red and Green we've played as characters who saved the day in some way and defeated every trainer out there, and yet nothing grandiose happened to those characters, presumably so that we would still be able to relate to them. It's hard to imagine playing as a character who would actually become the king of Unova, especially as we've never even played the role of a Champion despite having that potential.

    Perhaps neither Reshiram nor Zekrom will be catchable in B2W2, and both will be dormant in the beginning due to Kyurem absorbing their energy. By defeating Black/White Kyurem only one of the dragons will be restored (the one belonging to Hilbert/Hilda). Kyurem, locked to just one of its Formes, will join N, but there will still be a problem - restoring N's dragon without depriving Kyurem of its remaining energy. This is where the player will come in, and after they successfully find a way to bring N's dragon back without hurting Kyurem, N will be reunited with his dragon and will thank the player by releasing Black/White Kyurem. At this point N will give a collective name to the Tao trio (referred to as beings in the prophecy).
    I think that Hilbert/Hilda will get to keep Reshiram/Zekrom, so that only N's dragon will be catchable. Having no Pokémon by his side, N will have to defeat Black/White Kyurem by using his wits, thereby fulfilling the prophecy. However, it gets more complicated than that since the prophecy also mentioned that the king will be joined by the counterpart of the Pokémon he is meant to defeat. So if the prophecy truly pertains to B2W2's climax, Kyurem will exist in both Formes in both versions before it gets caught by the player. But how? There are two possibilities that I can see:

    1. Hilbert/Hilda's dragon will also have its energy absorbed by Kyurem, and N will defeat Kyurem in the state corresponding to that dragon. By defeating Kyurem, Hilbert/Hilda's dragon will be reawakened and will promptly return to its trainer. Thereafter, N will let Kyurem borrow his own dragon's energy, and Kyurem will join N in that state.
    2. A more complicated possibility that involves the two parallel universes that Outrage and I have speculated about: Kyurem, the boundary Pokémon, exists between the two universes (whereas everyone else has two versions), but its manifestation (as Black/White Kyurem) depends on the universe. If so, the stories of Black 2 and White 2 will be linked: N will defeat White/Black Kyurem in Black 2/White 2, which will make Kyurem change its manifestation to that of the opposite version, at which point it will join N.

    The first possibility involves Hilbert/Hilda and the second one prioritizes the timeline theory. I haven't figured out what Black/White Kyurem "joining" N entails; it goes without saying that N will have to allow the player to catch Kyurem, but not before completing the final part of the prophecy ("King called ⑤ beings."), which is quite vague.
    I'm rather disappointed by the fact that the quest seems to be collecting the Unova badges again. As you know, I had hoped that Hilbert/Hilda would follow N to another region and that the quest would be story-driven from the get-go. The new protagonists exist because Game Freak aren't as bold as I thought they were. It's also annoying that we're two months away from release and we don't know anything about the plot yet; hopefully Sunday's game trailer will change that (it may even be uploaded to the official website beforehand). I don't have much incentive to post in threads right now because most people don't even understand where I'm coming from.

    As I've told smalllady, I now view N as more important than any of the Unova protagonists, who despite being important in their own right, serve to guide him. The problem with giving Hilbert/Hilda a huge role as speaking NPCs is that it might make most players feel alienated from the characters they used to play as. With N, this problem obviously doesn't exist. In the context of the Abyssal Ruins, the prophecy mentions a king rather than a queen. Since I wanted Hilbert and Hilda to continue as the protagonists, I thought that detail could be overlooked so that the player would still be the one to defeat Kyurem. But now? N seems like the best candidate for more than one reason.
    I was just thinking about the possibility of the B/W games being a trilogy, as well. There is a small chance that the plot may not be resolved in these games. It's much too early to really be speculating about it, but I only thought of it because this situation is somewhat similar to what happened with Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, if you're familiar with those games. In the early months of XIII-2's marketing, many fans thought the main protagonist of XIII would make a return as a playable character in XIII-2, due to her being mostly the only character shown in early trailers/advertising. But then it was suddenly revealed that there were two new protagonists, and the main protagonist of XIII actually had very little screen time. As you can imagine, many fans were upset. However, the plot of XIII-2 has yet to be resolved, but it's still not certain if there will be a XIII-3. So if B2/W2 is following the same route (highly unlikely, but you never know), then B2/W2 could be considered an interlude or transition of the plot, much like XIII-2.

    At least with XIII-2's situation, one of the new protagonists was previously an NPC who is related to the main protagonist of XIII, and there were more people involved in XIII's plot. But for B2/W2 to just pull new protagonists out of nowhere seemed like a cold slap in the face. It is frustrating, because I too was attached to Hilda/Hilbert, and everything seemed to fit together in B/W's plot. New protagonists just seemed so unnecessary.

    I guess I'll wait a little longer. If it does turn out to be a trilogy, and Hilda/Hilbert will return as player characters in the final game, then maybe I'll forgive Gamefreak. But honestly, I'm not holding my breath. And not many people here would react well to the idea of a B3/W3.
    What's sad is that only 2 years have passed, and they still felt the need to give us new player characters. I'm probably being silly, but Hilda and Hilbert don't deserve to be overshadowed like this. Not when they played such a vital role in B/W.

    Between this and the apparent lack of the faraway region, my interest in these games is starting to decline. I won't be surprised if they fail to mention the Puzzle Cube or original dragon ever again.
    Lol it's okay, you aren't bugging me.

    I'm really annoyed with the possible protagonists on that CoroCoro cover scan. Right now I prefer your suggestion of them being sidekicks. I hope Gamefreak will do the right thing and keep Hilda and Hilbert on as the protagonists for B2/W2. It will be such a let down if they aren't the protagonists after all this hype. Even if the girl is Hilda with a hairstyle change, I don't like it. I'm not sure what they were trying to go for with the style of the two characters on that scan. But I'll wait for the rest of the scans to leak before passing judgement.

    And that theory about them being Hilda or Hilbert's kids is just ridiculous.
    I don't think the walking Pokemon sprites would take up that much room. They've already got 492 of them for the Entralink Forest. I doubt another 157 sprites would make a difference.

    I don't understand why we would get new starter Pokemon. This isn't a new generation, so it isn't a viable solution to the problem of the protagonist starting over. I wouldn't mind just having the Unova starters again, but with their DW abilities to keep things interesting.
    I would've been so mad at the new protagonists. Especially the ones described in that fake leak. The sequels need Hilda and Hilbert to be the protagonists again more than anything. I can't stress enough how important they are to the plot.

    Although I wouldn't mind walking Pokemon making a return. But I think it's unlikely that we'll have that feature return in B2/W2.
    I think that the original dragon would be associated with The World arcana, since it seems to represent Taiji in regards to Taoism. So I don't think Kyurem is the original dragon at all, as it can only absorb energy from one dragon at a time, and not both at the same time. Taiji is a balance between yin and yang. So you are right about the necessity of balance. Also, Taiji and Wuji could be considered opposites of one another, as Wuji is non-polar (no balance), while Taiji is "supreme polarity" (balance of opposites).

    Empress/Emperor wouldn't really fit Hilbert/Hilda. Normally I would associate Empress/Emperor with characters like Cynthia or Alder. But I didn't include that in my blog entries because I feel that their characters aren't developed enough to provide an in-depth analysis. I think the mostly likely possibility is that Hilbert/Hilda will start another journey of The Fool. The World arcana represents the end of the The Fool's journey; a brief pause before The Fool begins his next journey. I still believe that they were associated with The World arcana at the end of B/W, because they probably believed that they had done enough to protect Unova, as well as the bonds between people and Pokemon. This will be short-lived, however, once they realize that Ghetsis still presents a viable threat to Unova.
    So that's what I've come up with so far. It's a little more challenging to apply this concept to a sequel of a game that might have the same protagonist. Only two of the Persona games have had sequels, and both had a new protagonist. Of course, that was understandable, since the protagonists of the first games were definitely not around anymore. But with B/W, there's little reason for Hilbert/Hilda to not be the protagonists again.

    When B2/W2 does come out, and my brain has had time to completely soak up the plot, I'll definitely try making a blog entry about the arcana and B2/W2.
    Nope, it doesn't bother me at all! I wish more people were interested in it.

    Since we're lacking in details about the plot, I haven't been able to form any solid theories as to how the arcana would apply to B2/W2. Initially, I was just expecting another third version where the player character would be most associated with Kyurem, since they both represent The Fool arcana very well. But since we're getting sequels instead, I had to think about things a little differently. I still associate Kyurem with The Fool arcana, since Kyurem represents Wuji, and its ability to absorb Zekrom or Reshiram's energy and change formes.

    As far as the player character (assuming we're continuing with Hilbert/Hilda) goes, I'm having a hard time deciding which arcana they might be associated with in B2/W2. Since B/W was mostly about the player character's journey, and having completed that journey, I think the player character might still be associated with The World arcana. I'm not sure what to expect with this "brand new adventure," so its possible that the player character could be starting another journey of The Fool.

    And for N...well, it's even more difficult to decide which arcana he'll have in B2/W2. Right now I see a couple different possibilities. One is that he could still be associated with the Fortune arcana. Since he probably won't be the player character, this is the most likely possibility. However, I came up with an alternative interpretation that his journey in B/W mirrored that of the player character, so he could be seen as a Fool himself. And the events leading up to his departure from Unova mostly covered Magician through Death. So in B2/W2, its possible that this could cover the second half of his journey (Temperance through World). But I'm not sure how much focus will be put on N's character development between B/W and B2/W2. If the sequels take place only 2-3 years after B/W, then I don't think there will be a drastic change in N's personality.
    Thank you for the friendship request. I'm sorry that I didn't leave you this message earlier, but I've been pretty busy lately. I hope that you're doing well.
    I believe that the new games will be good enough so that Game Freak won't want to go back to the third version formula; I also expect their sales to reflect that (they won't be as high-selling as Black and White, but certainly more successful than Gray would be). What remains to be seen is how they are going to revise the remake "formula" , and by now it really is quite clear that no remakes will be released in this generation. Will Hoenn be featured in these games? Or will there be Hoenn sequels in the next generation? People shouldn't take it for granted that there will ever be remakes again. I suppose it is possible that they will continue to remake games, but only in increments of two generations or so.
    Just of curiosity, when we discussed the possibility of sequels a few days ago, did you think I could be proven right?
    Oh, thank you! I'm actually thinking about writing a blog entry about how the themes of tarot cards can be applied to the plot of B/W, and the arcana that could represent each character. Maybe I'll get started on that now, since my brain seems to be going a thousand miles an hour. =3=
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